Registering 2MIDI

2MIDI is not free, it is shareware. You are allowed 21 days to evaluate it and decide if it's of any use to you. If you want to continue using it after this period you must register your copy. There are two types of license, the one you choose depends on what purposes you intend to use 2MIDI for. If you are in any doubt as to which license you require, or have any other questions then please email for clarification.

Standard license - price: €15 [PURCHASE]
A standard license allows you to use 2MIDI for personal, non-commercial use. It also allows shareware and freeware authors to use the output files in their shareware/freeware products. This also includes the individual who wants to sell a few CDs of his music.

Commercial license - price: €200 [PURCHASE]
A commercial license is required to use 2MIDI for any commercial/retail purpose, including using the output files either directly in a commercial product or in the development of a commercial product. This includes using 2MIDI in the development of commercial software, or using 2MIDI in a commercial environment, like a recording studio.

Although the unregistered version is perfectly functional, there are a few features that will enhance your usage of 2MIDI that are only available in the registered versions.

In the unregistered version, you can't export the samples in an SF2 or DLS file.

In the unregistered version, you can't convert samples in the drum channel. But you can still choose a drum channel, so that the drum channel is not used for normal conversion.

Resolution settings [MIDI OPTIONS]
In the unregistered version, you can't adjust the volume/pan/frequency resolution of the output MIDI file. The resolution options allow you to reduce the size of the output MIDI, without any noticeable loss of quality. These are permanently set to maximum resolution in the unregistered version, which can result in large MIDI files being generated.

Channel sharing [CONVERT OPTIONS]
In the unregistered version, you can't use the channel sharing optimization.

Custom keyboard shortcuts [THE GUI]
In the unregistered version, any keyboard shortcuts that you create are not kept the next time you load 2MIDI.

Auto MIDI & sample writing [FILE OPTIONS]
In the unregistered version, you can't choose to have 2MIDI automatically write the MIDI and/or samples.

Effects translation [EFFECTS OPTIONS]
These options are only available in the commercial version. They are not needed by most users, and are intended for use in conjunction with custom/extended MIDI players.