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A list of stuff that uses BASS... [report]
Audio-, Podcast- and Webradioplayer with many functions [report]
MixPerfect is a free and unique semi-automatic DJ player for Windows and Linux. [report]
Bass Audio Source is a free and open-source DirectShow filter. The filter allows you to play audio files supported by the BASS library in media players with DirectShow support. [report]
cmdplay-pp - plays back videos in command line. Uses BASS for audio playback. [report]
MixOS Operating Environment [report]
PowerAudioPlayer is a simple audio player, but the code is a bit bad... [report]
MuVis - Music Visualizer is an open-source Swift / SwiftUI real-time audio visualization app for macOS and iOS. Source code at [report]
AudioZip is a new and really complete tool to organize a collection of music files. Uses BASS for playing, encoding, CD-Ripping and verification. [report]
Bass Example for VisualFBEditor (freebasic) [report]
Quentin C's Playroom, a gaming platform accessible to blind people! The Windows client uses bass for sound playback and streaming. [report]
osu!droid is a free-to-play circle clicking rhythm game for Android devices. It was a game hatched many years ago by the osu! community. This project is now being developed by a small group of fans and also with the help of foreign friends. [report]
An audiobooks player for Android [report]
Seed:Loops - A music making app based on random seeds [report]
Plays multiple audios simultaneously at varying speeds [report]
Converts and re-encodes music to 432hz [report]
Plays music in 432hz [report]
A simple internet radio player that sits in the System Tray, hence the name. [report]
Batch watermark audio files [report]
SoloRack modular synthesizer. Uses BASS on some of it's modules. Like the radio and the mod player modules. [report]
AHK MicMute - an open-source program that allows you to control your microphone with pre-defined hotkeys, it uses BASS to play feedback sounds when muting/unmuting [report]
Simian Radio Automation software from Broadcast Software International [report]
a midifiles folders player version of mypiano_chung [report]
Bass Mod functionality for Unity Game Engine. [report]
A simple cross platform audio player written in Golang [report]
A free complete multiformat Karaoke player (mp3, midi, wave, wma, ogg, flac...) with playlist, pitch, tempo, gain. With 8 bands equalizer, dual monitor, fullscreen, midi editor and mode [report]
FTL: Faster Than Light. A spacefaring combat/exploration game that will suck down 250 hours of your time before you can blink. [report]
a free small high quality midi virtual acoustic piano using bass.dll [report]
a bass.dll acoustic piano synth version of midiscore_chung [report]
Play music with strings [report]
a web radio url or mp3 path player with FFT & plugins effects [report]
musical instrument. Meantone tunings, Harmonic-series tone note-keys, self-,multi-voice,multi-take play for Counterpoint practice [report]
Audio player for Mac with Winamp skin support [report]
Lightweight, super-simple audio player [report]
PyMusicPlayer, Music player implemented with python. Highlights of music can be played continuously. [report]
a web radio player with custom dsp(s) [report]
A light-weight, folder oriented MP3 player for Windows. [report]
Omnia Music Player is a powerful music player for Android. It has hi-res output and 10-band equalizer. [report]
Sound Redirector is a portable application to redirect Wave In to Wave Out that also supports VST plugins for real time processing the redirected audio data. [report]
Windows utility for extracting chords from a midi file and playing them [report]
PLAYER3 - another audio jukebox (with basic cross-fading for people like me who cannot mix) [report]
BASS Used in Burnaware Free CD/DVD Suite. [report]
A DirectX 11 Audio Spectrum Display for Windows7+ using the wasapi for the live audio link in on windows. Displaying 128,256,512,1024 line options with VU meters for all channels on the selected device. A Work In Progress. [report]
The most powerful and versatile live video production software. Capture, stream & broadcast everything from web casts and presentations to live sports events & television shows. [report]
A Visual Studio 2015+ integrated audio player. Listen to your music straight from your working environment! [report]
XNFSMusicPlayer - A custom music player for Need for Speed games based on BASS [report]
Sandbox game for audio and video production. Based on virtual gears. [report]
Intense twin stick shooter powered by your music! [report]
ProppFrexx ONAIR is a comprehensive playout and radio automation system. [report]
Mcool Music Player: The simplest music player for Android, open source, powered by Bass and Delphi FMX. [report]
Power Studio is a powerful broadcast automation system. It features all the elements needed to run a professional radio station, without having to pay for extra modules or resort to dozens of extra linker tools to get the job done. [report]
An audio input to audio output router/mixer with support of Direct Sound, WASAPI and ASIO modes. [report]
Chord sequencer uses midi capabilities of bass _midi [report]
I used bass to render waveforms for my rolaty free music site [report]
Bassmidi VSTi is a portable VST 2.4 instrument/software MIDI synthesizer for Windows that is based on the Bass/BassMidi libraries. [report]
Total Commander Audio Player plugin & standalone player written in C#, based on bass.dll components. [report]
Acoustic fingerprinting and recognition in .NET [report]
Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on top of BASS with performance and gapless playback in mind [report]
SinglePlayer - Fast, functional player for WINCE 6.0 [report]
Keppy's Driver - An easy to use MIDI driver, based around BASSMIDI Driver [report]
Dj Box - Free Dj Software [report]
Easily move between Automatic & Manual modes. All main controls in one place. Two primary playback decks.Create Cue, End-Cut, Loop positions using 'Cue'. A 10 band equalizer. Effects. Create presets for eight different controls. [report]
NOW Player by Ruchira Hasaranga [report]
Neon - The successor to Helium 11 [report]
CUE Corrector - multifunctional cue sheet editor. Uses BASS for editing tags & converting audio files. [report]
ZX Spectrum Computer Sound Chip Emulator (Ay_Emul, AY Emulator) by Sergey Bulba, with sources for Lazarus (Free Pascal) [report]
A Free Open Source alternative to Bass.Net, .Net API including Managed types [report]
An audio library manager and media-player [report]
Simply but powerful converter by Keppy Studios, based around BASS, BASSMIDI and BASSenc. [report]
YTD, Converter & Player [report]
Open Metronome Bassmidi version - is a fork of Open Metronome. Instead of standard midi out ports this version uses Bassmidi so you can choose your favorite soundfont for the drum/percussion sounds. [report]
Tesseract, a block-based 3D VR Engine. [report]
Multi Room Audio Player - Made With Passion For The Sound [report]
Action RPG using BASS/BASSMIDI [report]
Kastor is an easy to use, streaming tool. [report]
OpenSource Software to control LED-Lights and other multimedia-stuff for stage-application [report]
Pandorian is a clutter free, lightweight and easy to use desktop client for Pandora listeners who do not like to have a web browser open in order to listen to Pandora. [report]
Sekwenzer by Vanilyn Songware. Free lightweight portable multitrack music sequencer, editor and player with WAV, MP3, FLAC, AIFF, OGG and MOGG support. OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP. Exports MP3 and multitrack WAV. Many thanks to BASS library. [report]
MusicSort Platinum [report]
Kinect-based audiovisual live looper using BASS [report]
Multi-platform music player, with integrated radiostations, cd/dvd ripper [report]
A high fidelity spotify client which enables the user to route audio via ASIO and WASAPI and FIR filters / VST plugins. [report]
Listen Audiobook Player - Android [report]
AnyVOD - The simple VOD server, client and server tool. AnyVOD client is a multimedia player that uses BASS [report]
Easy-Data Mediacenter [report]
Sermon Recorder is a program for recording the sermons in any church. [report]
Soundfont Midi Player - a powerful midi player and realtime midi synth combo that can load soundfonts automatically and real time [report]
bass e Language ittoi [report]
Audiobook player [report]
Expansive patch for 1998 game Jazz Jackrabbit 2 [report]
SpecBAS BASIC interpreter - uses BASS for all sound support. [report]
A simple drum machine software [report]
Free internet radio player [report]
A software to learn songs with slow-down, pitch shift, loop options [report]
EventSoundControl - "All In One"-Software for managing sounds of events or web radio stations. Playlist player, jingle player, webcast module ... [report]
Music For Theatre - free special program for Theatre work (now avaible only russian version) [report]
Player from Earth [report]
Resonic is an ultra-fast audio / music player and browser for the Windows operating system. It is built around a big waveform view and plays files directly out of folders. [report]
Portable native MOD player based on Raspberry PI (plays MOD,S3M,IT,XM etc...). Uses BassPlay library. [report]
PlayIt Recorder - scheduled audio recorder [report]
PlayIt Live - live assist and automated radio software [report]
RokQ - Rok with the best Queue! - an easy-to-use FREE mp3 player with a queue and webcam support [report]
A BASS add-on with a purpose is to provide user configurable fade volume shapes for BASS channels. [report]
Player with bass library,.. my first debut please check it, not yet finised may still got many bug but acualy its work nice [report]
Riffstation is standalone audio host for guitar players. Load any MP3, isolate the guitar, slow it down, loop the riff and see the chords! [report]
DJUCED - PC & Mac DJ software [report]
A (small in size) Webradioplayer, for FREE [report]
A media player with the ability to control tempo using three different phase vocoder engines (Rubber Band, Dirac LE, and SoundTouch). Features a nice WPF interface. [report]
Line Branch Audio Visualizer [report]
Music Notation and Composition Software - MagicScore [report]
Freeplayer3, (Semi)Automated Audio Broadcast System for Radio Stations and DJ's [report]
IS51MP. BASS in GUI. and xIS51. BASS for Adobe Director. [report]
Free Radio Player that uses bass library. [report]
Music player using various audio libraries, also supporting BASS (please be sure to select BASS during setup) [report]
3d-morph to the accompaniment of music. The source code is present. [report]
An Open source Player Based on Bass [report]
Audio Pitch & Shift is a simple audio tool intended to be useful for musicians who wants to slow down or change the pitch of the music [report]
Hysteric Player [ONLY RUSSIAN] - program for recognizing chords in MIDI (uses German system) [report]
A multimedia player capable of handling audio and video files, including 20 band graphic equalizer, echo, flanger, etc, that using bass audio system. [report]
Holofunk: a Kinect-and-Wiimote live-looping improvisational music application. [report]
Periscope Player - Streaming music player for use with Subsonic [report]
a rhythm game with gameplay based on EBA [report]
Do Re Mi Voice Training, an iOS app that graphs a singer's pitch [report]
Karma Player 1.80 - Winamp Clone created in Visual Basic 6.0 [report]
Sound FX/Audio Database Program used by Sound Designers for PC and Mac [report]
A shoutcast Gui for nullsoft scserv2 using a small net radio player in its FanBox community [report]
1by1 is a small, fast and handy audio player which is not only small: it provides a smart and versatile environment to handle your file collection and listen to your tracks - with no need for playlists or databases. [report]
RPG game for iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux [report]
The BASSMIDI SoundFont Compatible MIDI Synthesizer Driver is a freeware SoundFont based Windows MIDI system driver (created by Kode54 and MudLord) for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It uses the BASS and BASSMIDI audio libraries by Un4seen Devel [report]
DJ software for iOS devices - includes tempo control and sound fx, [report]
Christian Radio Player - ist ein Radioplayer, welcher zum Empfang von christlichen Radioangeboten über das Internet gedacht ist. [report]
VirtualMIDISynth is a software MIDI syntesizer implemented as a Windows multimedia user driver, accessible as a standard MIDI Out device. It works on Windows XP / Vista / 7, both 32 and 64 bits. [report]
Duplicate MP3 Finder [report]
Music playing application made by Malaysian student with some advance features [report]
A music player surported Mp3, FLAC, WMA,... [report]
robick - audio player for iPhone and iPod touch. Repeat and key/pitch/tempo control with WHEEL interface. [report]
Bass Dll can be used with DarkBasic Pro [report]
Multi Room Audio Player – Far More than Just another Media Player. [report]
WAV MP3 Converter converts WAV to MP3 and resamples WAV and MP3 files. [report]
StageSound Effect Player. Makes it easy to create high end playlists for drama groups etc. Open Source. More Info see the readme.txt or contact me (see readme as well). Visit link to see screenshot. [report]
Home of Suamp Media Player, BASS_DSHOW, BASS_CDG addons [report]
MusicBee - A kickass media library organiser / player [report]
Audica - modern and simple player, written in old VB6 [report]
Advanced touchscreen compatible Jukebox Software, DJ Software, and Karaoke Software for the PC. [report]
Gee Player [report]
Chromania is a color mixing puzzle game for the whole family with three color systems, a story mode and three 2 players modi. (Developed by Decision Art LLC) [report]
Programs Constructor with BASS component [report]
Olympe Audio RPG, Play music and sound ambiance easely for your role playing sessions [report]
MiXimum is the DJ's best friend [report]
Tuniac is an iTunes style media player/manager for Windows. Supports: flac, mp3, aac/m4a/mp4/3gp, ogg, ac3, alac, ape, cdda, midi, mpc, ofs/ofr, tak, tta, wv and radio streaming support. Advanced playlist editor, search as you type and queue support. [report]
ProppFrexx ONAIR – The Playout and Broadcast Automation Software [report]
Alarm Clock [report]
Russian Media Player [report]
FWsim - Free Fireworks Simulator [report]
Cultris II [report]
Turkish Radio Player [report]
MediaTouch - music player designed for touch screens. Uses bass for playing FLAC, WMA and MP3 files. [report]
An iPhone app that accurately replicates four instruments found in traditional jug bands. Uses BASS to generate live kazoo and jug sounds. [report]
Free board games for AQQ and, using BASS for audio [report]
SampleSort and sample organiser application for musicians and producers [report]
Mondego by MEP - Brazilian player with Bass, plays MP3/WMA/OGG/AAC and records webradio [report]
A little MP3 scatching program made in basic. [report]
MIDIRenderer convert MIDI and Karaoke files to MP3/WMA using SoundFonts [report]
Home of the RadioDJ, free automation software. [report]
BassKing - Mediaplayer [report]
Audiosurf, high speed puzzle game that builds levels from song files [report]
Free retro games using BASS for audio [report]
Open-Source Windows Audio Player with custom playlist and tabs. Features: song rating and filtering, bookmarks, searching, hiding dirs and global hot keys. [report]
A cool music player. Powered by Bass, BassVis and BassVideo. [report]
Small Player by Igor Jerosimic - Small and lightweight audio player for 64bit Windows [report]
Powerful audio converter, metadata editor and CD grabber using BASS combined together with ffmpeg libraries. [report]
Monster 2 - An old school RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux [report]
SimpleTouch FE. Front end designed for use with a touchscreen. Launch programs with the touch of an image. Uses bass.dll for sound-effects and mp3-playback (background music/ambient sound). [report]
Vox - Small and fast player for Mac OS X with tool window like interface, EQ, audio effects, audio scrobbling. Plays whole directories and a wide variaty of audio formats including tracker music. [report]
Multi-player online where you can fly into space and back! [report]
A very simple NOTAG, NOSKIN audio player. [report]
RockBamd drumkit and guitar player on Windows. Plug your RockBand drum and Gutar and play as really instruments. [report]
ibroadcast: open source internet radio automation system [report]
The Hardcore Lives Tuner is an easy to use Net Radio Program for underground dance stations. There are both Windows and OSX versions + a Linux version is in progress. [report]
Centrafuse is a complete media & hardware management software solution for mobile computer systems such as CarPCs and UMPCs. [report]
Trout (title), Skwire is the given author name, it is freeware and part of the NANY 2009 competition. [report]
Audiovisualisation with C# and Bass.Net [report]
Jobee – a convenient media player designed for comfortable listening of internet radio stations and audio podcasts, watching intenet television, reading RSS feeds [report]
puMP³ : Tiny MP3-Player in english and german incl. hotkeys, tiny scrolling StayOnTop-Panel and Web-Update [report]
AutoHotkey (AHK) library for BASS [report]
Karma® by Latshaw Systems - Karaoke player and show manager [report]
Musical Instrument Assisted by Computer : Play music in minutes [report]
A fun arcade style game that build stages based on your mp3 collection. [report]
Mulver is a 3D platform game for Windows. Author: Magnus Gustafsson [report]
Tag Scanner by Sergey Serkov - Advanced file tag editing in batch and single file mood. [report]
User Free, Install Free, Freeware, Mp3 Player, Radio Automation System, Radyo Otomasyon Sistemi, [report]
RuneScape Toolkit with a built in Mp3 Player/Online Radio. [report]
'Nemp' from Daniel 'Gausi' Gaußmann, a free and easy MP3-Player. Easy use and many functions. [report]
Slideshow and Presentation creator [report]
SoundFont Synth 1.0 for Windows (2000/XP Raccomanded), a GM/GS/XG FREE softsynth uses SoundFonts Wavetable [report]
Free audio software that uses Bass, developed with Delphi [report]
Radio Player by Martynas Balandis. It has a lot of amazing features (recording to the most popular formats (mp3, ogg, wav and more), organizing, fast find on the internet, favourites, loved songs and much more) Check it out :) [report]
AV Mix Master - DJ and mix program with excellent search features [report]
SSPower Media - Audio and Video [report]
CDBurnerXP, a free burning software. BASS is used to play audio files and make up for inabilities of the burning library regarding audio processing. [report]
mAirList is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and TOTALLY CONFIGURABLE radio automation and live assist software for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, designed for the small but professional radio station. [report]
BASS for Game Maker - An audio extension to Game Maker using BASS.DLL [report]
Multilingual Mod Library to keep an eye on large module collections with powerful search engine. [report]
CDRipper converting Audio-CD in format WAV or MP3 (use LAME CODEC), include source code in Visual C++ 6.0. [report]
TopCharts is a freeware database that keeps track of music hitlists. It uses BASS as its playback engine. [report]
Internet Digital Radio Tuner by Robin Bailleux [report]
Freeware Action / RPG Maker [report]
Audio+OpenGL visual plugins by Patrice Terrier - zapsolution [report]
Dream Manifestation Wizard - Creating personalized audio sessions... [report]
Free RadioFlemme webradio player with nice DHTML features. Comes with Setup. totally FREE! [report]
iCoolPlayer v1.0, Support all bass format, Rip CD/Burn Audio CD/Convert Audio/Record Sound/Karaok/Lyric Maker/Radio Full Unicode. Support Winamp DSP, Winamp Vis, Sonique Vis, Winamp Input plugin. Support DirectShow Video, FLV4, 29 DSP Effect ! and more! [report]
DeltaShadow Player is cool audio player with cool desing. Programming: Vitaly Sirchikov Design: Ilya Afanasyev. [report]
SoundDigital multimedia player [report]
tempo and key changeable player(Shakuhachi Tunes: s8Tunes) [report]
Soundmaster - DJ Tool --> 2 Players, 1 Monitor, Multichannel support, EQ´s, Drag ´n Drop, Sound groups, Tempo, Pitch, .... [report]
TinyWebRadio, a lightweight portable webradio tuner/recorder [report]
Nexus Radio is a Radio Turner and Radio Recorder by Egisca Corp [report]
isabellefm [report]
Ease MIDI Converter:convert midi to another audio format mp3,ogg,wma with BASS! [report]
An open source audio player with lots of features. Greets from Liviu Holhos. [report]
Alps player! by Alp OZKUL. A nice player with scripting events. It uses bass, sqlite. support, msn what i am listening to support. [report]
Free program to convert audio between different formats. Uses BASS as a decoder. Supports mp3, wma, ogg, wav, flac, ape, ac3, aac, mp4, m4a, wv, cue as input and mp3, wma, ogg, wav, flac, ape, wv as output. [report]
Minimalistic shoutcast player originally made for GridStream's in-game Anarchy Online MMORPG radio station! [report]
Player for Theater sound cues, sound with sound, power control, F key triggers, more... [report]
Votedisk to nula's chiptune competition Big Chipcompo #8 (uses bass v.2.3) [report]
Four Little Warriors - Fast and chaotic Arcade Multiplayer Action game using BASS [report]
Broadcast Power 2.0 automates your daily music programming, radio station management and commercial scheduling. [report]
Xion Audio Player by Cliff Cawley: Features skin support by using PSD with no scripting. Many other features including components for future expansion [report]
PunchIt 1.0 - author: CondZero, Add music, narration, sound effects to virtually any application with just a few easy clicks! [report]
Bindesh Kumar Singh [report]
MIDI Converter Studio - convert MIDI to WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA [report]
Earth Under Fire - space shooter game, one of the winners of Pascal Game Development competition in 2006. [report]
Audio converter (wma to mp3, flac to mp3, ...) and CD ripper in one. [report]
Internet Radio using the bass & audio compressor component. [report]
By Gabriel H. : GabPlayer 2 is a free multimedia player who uses bass for the audio part. [report]
AIMP Player. Nice player, which uses BASS audio library as sound engine [report]
Jaangle (Media Player) as from 0.91 uses Bass. [report]
Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter is a fast audio utility that allows you to convert fast MIDI to MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. [report]
One-at-a-time group karaoke: Christmas installation art [report]
RadioBOSS - radio station automation software [report]
Amazing Video Tutorials on using BASS from 3DBuzz, they take you all the way through making an Mp3 player! [report]
TwinLightControl - Control program for Rolleivision twin slide projectors with integrated audio player using BASS [report]
PC Radio 5. A (semi) professional broadcasting software package that is used by a number of small and middle sized broadcasters in The Netherlands. [report]
DéKiBulle is a free audio player. One of the special features of DéKiBulle is to use directly the arborescence of the directories in which are stored audio files to be very quickly able to select the songs of an album or an artist. [report]
Open Source Singstar clone for PC [report]
A full blown open source media center / HTPC app using BASS engine [report]
CombiWave is an Audio Player that enables you to play multiple files simultaneously, hotkeys can be used to play the files, whole sets of files can be saved and retrieved at once, ... and much more! Check it out! [report]
DAM JukeBox. Best DAM MP3 Player for a MAME cabinet. 1MB in size. [report]
Zen of Sudoku, an artistic take on Sudoku [report]
Dajukebox is an all in one tool to manage, edit and play your music collection. It provides a solid package of features that covers all the basic things you expect from a music manager, but with an unparalleled level of speed and flexibility. The high pro [report]
Wellbeing from controlling your music... [report]
Audio, Video, Visualization, and Karaoke mixing software [report]
Silverjuke is the jukebox with a kiosk mode and lots if unseen features ... [report]
MiniMaxSound : an mp3/OGG/Radio player for podXP widget engine (by leFOOL) [report]
Dark Ages 2 by Mike Hoopman, awesome 2D RPG [report]
MODlist. Free open-source program to create list of tracker modules XM, MOD, S3M, IT, 669, MTM in chosen folder. [report]
TSampleDisplay3D is Delphi component. It's purpose is to provide the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use), 3D sample functions like displaying the sample in 3D with configureable colors, automatic support for ID3v2 SESC, making a selection, quick [report]
A great music manager from Sweeden that uses the BASS engine for the internal player. [report]
Bassic Technologies has a product, the Online Radio Tuner, for listening to radio broadcasts on the internet. [report]
Sorades - Die Befreiung (German RTS game) [report]
Free program to create list of tracker modules XM, MOD, S3M, IT, 669, MTM in chosen folder. [report]
Jukebox and music management software with automatic download of cover art and lyrics. [report]
Total Commander Plugin - Bitrate converter 0.7 by Plotn. BC allows covert files from several music formats (wav, mp3, ogg, m3u, wma, cda, flac, ape) to mp3. [report]
An audio player plugin for the popular instant messenger software Trillian. [report]
2+2 math for kids is a freeware program aimed to help children's education in the area of basic mathematical skills. [report]
ZBASS is a small, minimal music player that can play WAV, MP3 and OGG music files. It uses the Winamp Visualization plugins for Visualization. Features an Equalizer, Internet Radio, CD Player and Plugins [report]
Powerfull Audio Converter [report] Systray Browser [report]
new URL for home of PassionAudioPlayer AMAZING Can Play Video Files !!! [report]
Audio2VCD is an MPEG Audio encoder for VideoCD [report]
Lister plugin for Total Commander. Use BASS 2.2... [report]
Pink Ninja 1.0 - Pink Ninja is an experimental audio slicer (as heard on Prefuse 73). It wont make great songs for you but will give you some non-rational picked slices to use in your compositions. It is able to slice your input in pieces (choosing random [report]
winLAME is an encoder for several audio formats, including mp3 (MPEG Layer 3), Ogg Vorbis and more. winLAME lets you set up the encoding process with an easy-to-use wizard-style user interface. [report]
Thanks to BASS.DLL, a light and easy to use application where you can listen to and record MP3 streaming audio. [report]
Direct WAV MP3 Splitter - audio splitter for mp3 or wav files, author: Ivan Gerasymchuk [report]
Nice logic game - really brain blasting :) [report]
Arkanoid style game with non stop levels. [report]
DOVE - Freeware 2D-Shooter with exellent tunes by toxeen [report]
Several fun free games, many using BASS for their sound support! Come bowl, play chess, ski, and other exciting things! [report]
Radio Server Player 2 by Chris Moses Productions. [report]
Highly polished action shooter multiplayer game - one of the winners of Pascal Game Development contest! [report]
DJ-style audio-video players and mixers. Features BASS.DLL in a multi-playback environment, synchronized multiple audio output, ultra-fast mpeg exact positioning (improved algorythm), and more. [report]
Funky Farm by Sortasoft - 2D farming game [report]
XimpleMOD is an open-source module player for Mac OS X. It uses the BASSMOD library. [report]
Apaawa Afraframix; yet another powerful implementation of the BASS engine. [report]
Threedef, a new kind of music player UI that features music selection with the nine-key pad. [report]
Touch Puf, An addictive puzzle game, Author: Ammar Muqaddas [report]
Small-sized but mighty MP3 and OGG tag editing software with great features. [report]
Fairlight's stunning demo from Breakpoint 2004. [report]
The musik project is a cross platform, open source media management and playback system that provides the following: separate core and ui, an easy to use and extensible c++ api, powerful batch tagging and renaming, an embedded sql database, threaded playb [report]
Conspiracy used BASS.DLL for aDDict2, their widely known intro-creation tool [report]
Several of the cool PopCap Games are using bass.dll and mo3-files. [report]
aXiebal 2004 is a free game; uses Bass for sounds [report]
Photon Audio Player by Matthias Bolte, is an audioplayer with focus on usabiliy and visual desing of the userinterface and structuring of your audio collection. [report]
mAirList - freeware radio automation software from Germany, using BASS as its default sound engine. [report]
Universal Audio Transcoder, Player, Organizer, Tagger ... [report]
KaraWin Std and Pro, play all files midi kar mp3 wma ogg with lyrics or cdg, [report]
ChipTalk - SP0256-AL2 Speech Synthesizer Emulator [report]
Free DJ Mixing Software. Supports Midi Controller like Hercules DJ Console. [report]
Billy is a lightweighted no nonsense audio player that allows you to quickly play an entire directory of MP3 files [report]
Mp3 database manager by Philippe RAMIN [report]
Powerful tool intended for collectible card players to easily manage their collections, design winning decks and play it online on virtual card table. [report]
Highly adictive puzzle games for all ages [report]
HGE is an easy to use yet powerful hardware accelerated 2D game engine. [report]
Drumsite drum machine program. [report]
Intuit Canada Licenses CodeBaby Virtual Agent Software, which uses BASS [report]
Highway Pursuit is an action-packed 3d blast through roads filled with enemy agents out to make your life as challenging as they can. [report]
A replacement sound system that links into and replaces the player's car sounds for the game Grand Prix Legends. [report]
Letter Rack 3D by SoftSpot Software - A word game in breathtaking 3D realism that has to be seen to be believed. [report]
puzzle game [report]
Doulber, cool Shareware Game by Phelios [report]
Aura - Ambient Sound of Virgin Wood [report]
Screensaver 'DTgrafic Bus Stop 3' [report]
Home of Mp3CoolPlay-X, Mp3CoolPlay-X is a fast audio player that uses bass as it's audio engine. Mp3CoolPlay-X is written by Peter Hebels (PH Software Technologies) [report]
Scriptable presentation engine made for a one-year university project. Uses Bass for sound and lib3ds for realtime 3d. Freeware, although the webpage looks like a business-page. With german docs. [report]
Xenorate Media Player, Encorex Project, Video/Audio/DVD ;) [report]
Step In The Arena by Division Zero [] [report]
Neon Helium productions: OpenGL tutorials and program library managed by NeHe. BASS audio library used for many projects, and available on the CD [report]
mp3 ogg wav wma player with flanger echo reverb effects and equalizer Really AMAZING playing with all effects !!! [report]
Magicfish Postmod - Post-production utilities for Impulse Tracker files. [report]
- Wingorf Emulator by Mark Hazelwood... Plays GORF and GORF - Program One [report]
A Triple Triad port by Qhimm, and it utilizes BASS (works wonders). [report]
all new PAiN issues use bass for the music.. [report]
Open, view, play anything, from sound audio to DivX movies and most graphic file formats (including Microsoft office documents, pdf, and html files). See also our freeware ZAP Audio Player written with the wonderfull BASS.DLL [report]
MB STUDIO is a powerful automation software for radio stations, clubs, shops, home users [report]
Audio Object GPL Player (Open Source) [report]
Open-Source OpenGL library for Delphi, supports 3D sounds via BASS [report]
Jets'n'Guns - 2D arcade game by Czech team Rake in Grass [report]
VUplayer, James Chapman [report]
XeNTaX' MultiEx Commander - Multi Game archive file extractor (over 120 archive formats!), plays XM and IT tunes in the background with BASS [report]
MissGuided by Aardbei, BASS was the only player that played the (.IT) tune correctly! [report]
Origin by Astroidea... 1st in Antiq'99 demo compo, probably the first demo ever to use 3D sound!

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