Include a "Default" entry in the output device list?

    BOOL default


defaultIf TRUE, a "Default" device will be included in the device list.


This option adds a "Default" entry to the output device list, which maps to the device that is currently the system's default. Its output will automatically switch over when the system's default device setting changes.

When enabled, the "Default" device will also become the default device to BASS_Init (with device = -1). Both it and the device that it currently maps to will have the BASS_DEVICE_DEFAULT flag set by BASS_GetDeviceInfo.

This option is enabled by default, and can only be disabled before BASS_GetDeviceInfo or BASS_Init has been called.


This config option is only available on Windows and macOS; a "Default" entry is always included on other platforms. On Windows, the automatic device switching feature requires Windows Vista or above (Windows 7 when DirectSound is used). BASS_Init can be called with the BASS_DEVICE_REINIT flag to manually switch to the new default device on older Windows.

When the "Default" device is used with DirectSound, the BASS_SetVolume and BASS_GetVolume functions work a bit differently to usual; they deal with the "session" volume, which only affects the current process's output on the device, rather than the device's volume.

See also

BASS_GetConfig, BASS_SetConfig, BASS_Init