BASS_CONFIG_LIBSSL config option

The OpenSSL (or compatible) library to use for handling HTTPS connections.

    char *filename


filenameThe filename of the OpenSSL library to use... NULL = use default. This should include the full path if it is not in the system library search path.


By default, BASS will try to use the system's OpenSSL library to handle HTTPS connections. It will look for,,, or If the target system uses a different filename for it, or you want to use a custom OpenSSL build, this option should be set to that. That should be done before the first HTTPS connection is opened. If the specified library cannot be loaded, BASS will fallback to trying the defaults.

BASS_SetConfigPtr makes a copy of the provided string, so it does not need to persist beyond the call.


This option is only available on the Linux and Android platforms.

On Android, BASS will look for the library in the app's library directory if a full path is not provided. A BASS_SSL add-on is available, which will be used by default when present. If that is not present then the default is to use the system's or library, but note that is not possible when targetting Android 7 (API level 24) or above.

See also

BASS_GetConfigPtr, BASS_SetConfigPtr, BASS_StreamCreateURL