BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY config option

The amount of data to check in order to verify/detect the file format.

    DWORD length


lengthThe amount of data to check, in bytes... 1000 (min) to 1000000 (max). If the value specified is outside this range, it is automatically capped.


Of the file formats supported as standard, this setting only affects the detection of MP3/MP2/MP1 formats, but it may also be used by add-ons (see the documentation). The verification length excludes any tags that may be found at the start of the file. The default length is 16000 bytes.

For internet (and "buffered" user file) streams, the BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY_NET setting determines how much data is checked.

See also

BASS_GetConfig, BASS_SetConfig, BASS_StreamCreateFile, BASS_StreamCreateFileUser, BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY_NET