Starts/resumes the output.

BOOL BASS_Start();

Return value

If successful, then TRUE is returned, else FALSE is returned. Use BASS_ErrorGetCode to get the error code.

Error codes

BASS_ERROR_INITBASS_Init has not been successfully called.
BASS_ERROR_BUSYThe app's audio has been interrupted and cannot be resumed yet. (iOS only)
BASS_ERROR_REINITThe device is currently being reinitialized or needs to be.
BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWNSome other mystery problem!


The output is automatically started by BASS_Init, so there is usually no need to use this function unless BASS_Stop or BASS_Pause has been used. But the output may also be paused automatically if the output device becomes unavailable, eg. disconnected. A BASS_SYNC_DEV_FAIL sync can be set via BASS_ChannelSetSync to be notified when that happens. BASS_IsStarted can be used to check if the output is currently running.

When using multiple devices, the current thread's device setting (as set with BASS_SetDevice) determines which device this function call applies to.

See also

BASS_IsStarted, BASS_Pause, BASS_Stop