TAG_CUE_POINT structure

RIFF "cue " tag cue point structure.

typedef struct {
    DWORD dwName;
    DWORD dwPosition;
    DWORD fccChunk;
    DWORD dwChunkStart;
    DWORD dwBlockStart;
    DWORD dwSampleOffset;


dwNameSpecifies the cue point name. Each record must have a unique dwName field.
dwPositionSpecifies the sample position of the cue point. This is the sequential sample number within the play order.
fccChunkSpecifies the name or chunk ID of the chunk containing the cue point.
dwChunkStartSpecifies the position of the start of the data chunk containing the cue point. This should be zero if there is only one chunk containing data (as is currently always the case).
dwBlockStartSpecifies the position of the start of the block containing the position. This is the byte offset from the start of the data section of the chunk, not the chunk’s FOURCC.
dwSampleOffsetSpecifies the sample offset of the cue point relative to the start of the block.


The structure is given by BASS_ChannelGetTags as it is in the RIFF file, which is little-endian, so the members will need to be reversed on big-endian platforms.

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