TAG_ID3 structure

ID3v1 tag structure.

typedef struct {
    char id[3];
    char title[30];
    char artist[30];
    char album[30];
    char year[4];
    char comment[30];
    BYTE genre;
} TAG_ID3;


idID3v1 tag identifier... "TAG".
titleSong title.
artistArtist name.
albumAlbum title.
commentComment. If the 30th character is non-null whilst the 29th character is null, then the 30th character is the track number and the comment is limited to the first 28 characters.
genreGenre number. The number can be translated to a genre, using the list at id3.org.


See id3.org/ID3v1 for further details.


Display the title from a channel's ID3v1 tag.
const TAG_ID3 *id3 = (const TAG_ID3*)BASS_ChannelGetTags(channel, BASS_TAG_ID3); // get the ID3 tags
if (id3) printf("title = %.30s\n", id3->title); // display the title

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