TAG_SMPL_LOOP structure

RIFF "smpl" tag sample loop structure.

typedef struct {
    DWORD dwIdentifier;
    DWORD dwType;
    DWORD dwStart;
    DWORD dwEnd;
    DWORD dwFraction;
    DWORD dwPlayCount;


dwIdentifierIdentifies the unique ’name’ of the loop. This field may correspond with a name stored in a cue points ("cue ") chunk. The name data is stored in an associated data list ("adtl") chunk.
dwTypeSpecifies the loop type: 0 - Loop forward (normal), 1 - Alternating loop (forward/backward), 2 - Loop backward, 3-31 - reserved for future standard types, 32-? - sampler specific types (manufacturer defined)
dwStartSpecifies the startpoint of the loop in samples.
dwEndSpecifies the endpoint of the loop in samples (this sample will also be played).
dwFractionAllows fine-tuning for loop fractional areas between samples. Values range from 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF. A value of 0x80000000 represents 1/2 of a sample length.
dwPlayCountSpecifies the number of times.


The structure is given by BASS_ChannelGetTags as it is in the RIFF file, which is little-endian, so the members will need to be reversed on big-endian platforms.

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