BASS_ASIO_INFO structure

Used with BASS_ASIO_GetInfo to retrieve information on the current device.

typedef struct {
    char name[32];
    DWORD version;
    DWORD inputs;
    DWORD outputs;
    DWORD bufmin;
    DWORD bufmax;
    DWORD bufpref;
    int bufgran;
    DWORD initflags;


nameThe name of the device/driver.
versionThe driver version.
inputsThe number of input channels available.
outputsThe number of output channels available.
bufminThe minimum buffer length, in samples.
bufmaxThe maximum buffer length, in samples.
bufprefThe preferred/default buffer length, in samples.
bufgranThe buffer length granularity, that is the smallest possible length change... -1 = the possible buffer lengths increase in powers of 2.
initflagsThe flags parameter of the BASS_ASIO_Init call.

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