BASS_CD_INFO structure

Used with BASS_CD_GetInfo to retrieve information on a drive.

typedef struct {
    char *vendor;
    char *product;
    char *rev;
    int letter;
    DWORD rwflags;
    BOOL canopen;
    BOOL canlock;
    DWORD maxspeed;
    DWORD cache;
    BOOL cdtext;


vendorThe drive manufacturer.
productThe drive model.
revThe revision.
letterThe drive letter... -1=unknown, 0=A, 1=B, etc...
rwflagsThe drive's reading and writing capabilities, a combination of the following flags.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READANALOGThe drive is capable of analog playback.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READC2The drive can provide C2 error info.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READCDDAThe drive can read CD audio.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READCDDASIAThe drive supports "stream is accurate".
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READCDRThe drive can read CD-R media.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READCDRWThe drive can read CD-RW media.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READCDRW2The drive can read CD-R/RW media where the addressing type is "method 2".
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READDVDThe drive can read DVD-ROM media.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READDVDRThe drive can read DVD-R media.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READDVDRAMThe drive can read DVD-RAM media.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READISRCThe drive can read ISRC numbers.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READM2F1The drive can read in "mode 2 form 1" format.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READM2F2The drive can read in "mode 2 form 2" format.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READMULTIThe drive can read multi-session discs.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READSUBCHANThe drive can read sub-channel data.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READSUBCHANDIThe drive can read sub-channel data, and de-interleave it.
BASS_CD_RWFLAG_READUPCThe drive can read UPC numbers.
canopenIf TRUE, BASS_CD_Door can be used to open/close the door.
canlockIf TRUE, BASS_CD_Door can be used to lock/unlock the door.
maxspeedThe maximum read speed, in kilobytes per second (KB/s). Divide by 176.4 to get the real-time speed multiplier, eg. 5645 / 176.4 = "32x speed".
cacheThe drive's cache size, in kilobytes (KB).
cdtextThe drive can read CD-TEXT?


The rwflags, maxspeed and cache members are unavailable when the WIO interface is used.

See also

BASS_CD_GetInfo, BASS_CD_SetInterface