DSDIFF comment tag structure.

typedef struct {
    WORD timeStampYear;
    BYTE timeStampMonth;
    BYTE timeStampDay;
    BYTE timeStampHour;
    BYTE timeStampMinutes;
    WORD cmtType;
    WORD cmtRef;
    DWORD count;
    char commentText[];


timeStampYearThe year of the comment creation.
timeStampMonthThe month of the comment creation.
timeStampDayThe day of the comment creation.
timeStampHourThe hour of the comment creation.
timeStampMinutesThe minutes of the comment creation.
cmtTypeThe comment type... 0 = general comment, 1 = channel comment, 2 = sound source, 3 = file history.
cmtRefThe comment reference. Together with cmtType this indicates to what the comment refers. If cmtType=0 then this should be 0. If cmtType=1 then 0 = all channels, 1 = 1st channel, 2 = 2nd channel, etc. If cmtType=2 then 0 = DSD recording, 1 = analogue recording, 2 = PCM recording. If cmtType=3 then 0 = general remark, 1 = name of the operator, 2 = name or type of the creating machine, 3 = time zone information, 4 = revision of the file.
countThe length of the commentText.
commentTextThe description of the comment, in ASCII.

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