Address to bind to when connecting to cast servers.

    char *address


addressThe local IP address to bind to... NULL = system default. This can be an IPv4 or IPv6 address.


When a system has multiple networks available, this setting determines which is used by BASS_Encode_CastInit when connecting to a server and by subsequent BASS_Encode_CastGetStats and BASS_Encode_CastSetTitle calls. It also determines whether IPv4 or IPv6 is used when a server's hostname has DNS records for both. IPv4 is preferred by default if this option is unset (NULL). The setting is ignored if it is an IPv6 address while the server only has an IPv4 address, and vice versa.

A copy is made of the provided string, so it does not need to persist beyond the BASS_SetConfigPtr call. Changes take effect from the next BASS_Encode_CastInit call.


On Windows and Windows CE, the BASS_UNICODE flag can be used with a UTF-16 string ("wchar_t" rather than "char").

See also

BASS_GetConfigPtr, BASS_SetConfigPtr