FLAC picture tag structure.

typedef struct {
    DWORD apic;
    char *mime;
    char *desc;
    DWORD width;
    DWORD height;
    DWORD depth;
    DWORD colors;
    DWORD length;
    void *data;


apicThe picture type, according to the ID3v2 "APIC" frame specification: see id3.org/id3v2.3.0 for details.
mimeThe MIME type. This may be "-->" to signify that data contains a URL of the picture rather than the picture data itself.
descA description of the picture, in UTF-8 form.
widthThe width in pixels.
heightThe height in pixels.
depthThe colour depth in bits-per-pixel.
colorsThe number of colours used for indexed-colour pictures (eg. GIF).
lengthThe size of data in bytes.
dataThe picture data.


The width, height, depth, and colors members may be empty (0) so should not be depended on. That information can be obtained from the picture data itself.

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