The maximum bitrate for stream selection from master playlists.

    DWORD bitrate


bitrateThe bitrate in bits per second... 0 = ignore bitrate.


This option sets a maximum bitrate for the selection of a stream to play in a master playlist containing multiple variant streams. The stream with the closest bitrate that does not exceed it, or the stream with the lowest bitrate if they all exceed it, will be tried first. If that is unsuccessful then the next closest will be tried, and so on until one is successfully opened. If no bitrate has been set then the streams will be tried in their listed order.

The stream selection is based on each stream's BANDWIDTH attribute, which is for the entire stream and could include video, not only audio.

The default setting is 0. Changes only affect subsequently created HLS streams, not any that already exist.

See also

BASS_HLS_StreamCreateFile, BASS_HLS_StreamCreateURL

BASS_GetConfig, BASS_SetConfig