User defined notification callback function.

void CALLBACK WasapiNotifyProc(
    DWORD notify,
    DWORD device,
    void *user


notifyThe notification, one of the following.
BASS_WASAPI_NOTIFY_ENABLEDThe device has been enabled.
BASS_WASAPI_NOTIFY_DISABLEDThe device has been disabled/disconnected.
BASS_WASAPI_NOTIFY_DEFINPUTThe device is now the default input device.
BASS_WASAPI_NOTIFY_DEFOUTPUTThe device is now the default output device.
BASS_WASAPI_NOTIFY_FAILThe device has failed and been stopped. If the device is still enabled and shared mode was being used, then it may be that the device's sample format has changed. It can be freed and reinitialized, with BASS_WASAPI_Free and BASS_WASAPI_Init, to resume in that case.
deviceThe device that the notification applies to.
userThe user instance data given when BASS_WASAPI_SetNotify was called.


BASS_WASAPI_Free should not be called from within a WASAPINOTIFYPROC callback.

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