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Racing playback - not good
« on: 23 Jul '03 - 05:04 »
XMPlay 2.7 - On this new computer when I play an mp3 the playback starts racing forward- speeding. It sounds terrible because it clicks and skips, but then it goes back to normal for a bit, only to start racing again. Any ideas?

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Re: Racing playback - not good
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jul '03 - 12:33 »
My guess is you've got the output set to 24/32 bit, and you're playing a low sample rate MP3? (eg. 11025hz)

That will cause my SBAudigy to go "racing" (with any player), so I guess it may be the same with your SBLive... if that is the case, there's no point setting the output to anything over 16-bit with an SBLive anyway :)