Author Topic: Yet another feature request: Open File History.  (Read 4567 times)


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I never asked nuttin from nobody... but I am now!

Hopefully this should be an easy one, but it's such a handy little thing. This feature is an idea stolen directly from 3ds max, and I'm not a bit sorry for it. =]

The idea is simple, in the open file dialog, there's an extra dropdown list containing the directories that files have been successfully loaded from. When you select that directory from the list, thats where the dialog's file view/"Look in:" goes to. It's extremely handy in max, and I'd love it in XMPlay. I open my files from a slew of common directories and while none of them are nested too far down, they're still a pain to get to the old way. Especially when I'm hunting for a track.

Simple, eh?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Yet another feature request: Open File History
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Not a bad idea... I'll look into it :)