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vis crash
« on: 9 Jul '03 - 03:21 »
Whenever I have people over here to play video games or whatever, I usually hook my computer up to my speakers and we listen to music from XMplay. I also usually get a visual to play in fullscreen, but after a while, XMPlay crashes. I played around with it a while and discovered that leaving visuals on for too long causes it to crash anyway, but it takes a lot less time when it is fullscreen.
This may just be my system, but is there a way to refresh the visual after a while or something like that to keep it from crashing?
Help would be appreciated.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: vis crash
« Reply #1 on: 9 Jul '03 - 11:58 »
Is this with any vis plugin(s) in particular, and if so, which?

Also, does Windows give any details on the crash - the location/etc?