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Starting Playback of vst instrument
« on: 5 Jun '23 - 15:33 »
Hey everybody,

I am pretty new to this MIDI stuff and I was wondering about how to start playback of lets say a synthesizer.

I managed to play vst Instruments that have actual "note keys" simply by doing this:

BASS_VST_ProcessEvent(handle, 0, ADDON.MIDI.BASSMIDIEVENT.MIDI_EVENT_NOTE, Un4seen.Bass.Utils.MakeWord(control, value))

I figured to do this:

Dim Message = New MidiShortMessage(250, 0, 0)
BASSVST.BASS_VST_ProcessEventRaw(handle, Message)

It returns error code 0 but nothing seems to happen.

Anybody know how to start a vst Instrument playing?