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Keltic Danor

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Oops, fixed up now. :)


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- Fallback if javascript's disabled is to show no images
- Seconding Ian's note about the thumbnails jumping around depending on big image height (sometimes off the screen)
- Mouse wheel scrolls page up and down (standard design) until it's over an image, then behaviour changes. Unsure of that.
- Swipe motions for flicking between images? Good for viewing on a mobile device, but I'd imagine the skins are mostly for a desktop program. As mentioned above, next/prev overlay arrows would fit desktop design better

At least the JS for showing the pictures seems somewhat lean. I am (unfortunately) kinda already used to seeing pages "upgrade" using couple megs of minified JS which does everything including mowing the lawn to just show an image :P


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And everyone knows that mowing the lawn is reserved to xmp-lawnmower ;)


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Finally someone make it happen, deleting file while listening same file, so it`s play from memory and deleting files solved at same time  ;)
P.S. Add VST plugins :)
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I've noticed (or maybe it always been?) that main site is in ANSI-1252 (Western European) but forum is in Unicode (UTF-8).
But because it's all in PHP frames, everything from BASS and XMPlay to forum is just and you always need to change codepage in browser
Which causes changing contents of the bookmark, at least in Firefox
Please consider unifying encoding of the site and the forum, in UTF-8 of course, like it should be nowadays

Ian @ un4seen

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The main page should already be UTF-8. Checking the response headers here, I see "content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8". If you're seeing something different, please confirm what browser you're using. And/or if it's affecting a particular bookmark, please give that too.


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You are probably right, although there are no charset="" nor lang="" particularly in header
But there one word (one letter) which is in 1252 - its in "ST-Sound plugin
A plugin by Arnaud Carré"
That é causes the problem

All that is not big deal of course, just slightly annoying

Ian @ un4seen

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Ah yes, that character was indeed wrong. It should be fixed now. Please let me know if you still see a problem there or on any other pages.