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National Work
« on: 13 Apr '21 - 14:28 »
Hey, hello again everybody. Long time no see, isn't it?
I am just expecting everybody here at the forums are doing great and taking care with the pandemic, as we suffered a lot.

Just wanted to ask a question regarding XMPlay, expecting Ian could give an official word in regards.
Checking the mirrors and the file details of the XMPlay executable, I am believing this is a big work from United Kingdom for the world. Is that true?

Just had the curiosity, I wished to take the doubt out of my mind for a long time. :P

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: National Work
« Reply #1 on: 13 Apr '21 - 17:05 »
I think you're asking if XMPlay is made in the UK? If so, the answer is yes :)


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Re: National Work
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Good save the Queen, and the service of Un4seen. ;D