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mo3 max cuality settings/codecs
« on: 20 May '04 - 21:37 »
Hi Im new to mo3 and I want to pack my modules maintaining maximun cuality posible...

What codec is best MP3/OGG/LOSSLESS?.. Im used to Lame for mp3s that sounds great for me using VBR at highest cuality.
MPC/MP+ seems that have much better cuality... but not sure if I can use it for pack mo3

Im not used with encoder command line... can anyone write me the correct settings for compress mo3 at highest cuality... for example using Lame at VBR

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Re:mo3 max cuality settings/codecs
« Reply #1 on: 21 May '04 - 17:43 »
Lossless will maintain the maximum possible mathematical quality, but I use Ogg encoding at quality 10. It will still reduce the filesize (I've found it to compress between 50-80% of original) and use Lossless when it is best.

As a general rule, I've found Ogg to be better than MP3, but depending on the actual encoder used, YMMV. (Rarewares has some excellent modifed Ogg encoders; I like the GT3 builds.) Some believe that MP3 is better for higher bitrates than Ogg, but as I said, it is relative to the Placebo Effect and the actual encoder used.
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Re:mo3 max cuality settings/codecs
« Reply #2 on: 22 May '04 - 10:54 »
I remember reading that OGG keeps the waveform better (good for mirrored/looped samples) but MP3 has a smaller header (good for lots of small samples - drums etc). Personally to compress MODs I use the lossless codec to get around 50% reduction.