Author Topic: Odd bug when saving C64's .SID files to .WAV output - a tiny gap of silence?  (Read 1672 times)


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I use XMPlay's latest revision, and the SID 37.1 to play C64's .sid files, and for a few years, on three different systems (running Windows 8 and two Windows 10), I've experienced this oddity: when I want to convert the SIDs to digital, I set the output to a .wav file, and XMPlay does everything as it should, saving the music, proceeding from the SID's track #1 to the final track.

BUT: when the ready WAVs are opened, there is *always* a tiny "hole" in them, a very short gap of silence, in every track starting from #2. It is often found even in track #1. It always occurs at more or less 0.190 - 0.192 seconds of the .wav file.

I've no idea what the culprit may be.

Keltic Danor

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There is a small gap at the start of sids often accompanied by a click and things like that, the old 37.1 plugin has an option to try and remove those but you will still get some silence.

That version is out of date though and there is a new one SIDex available here which may or may not handle the click/silence at the start better. Whether it is better or not it's probably worth updating to use a new version of the libsidplayfp library. Pretty sure either way though a bit of silence is unavoidable.
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