Author Topic: BASS and threading / own process clarification  (Read 117 times)

Chris Oakley

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I might be getting my wires crossed with something here, but I thought that BASS deals with everything in its own process, so that if the main app is momentarily held up on a long running process, then the audio shouldn't be affected.

The reason I say this is if I do:

Code: [Select]
_RecordMonitorStream = Bass.BASS_RecordStart(_DeviceFrequency, 2, BASSFlag.BASS_DEFAULT, Nothing, IntPtr.Zero)

And add that to a mixer which is just set to a No Sound device which I'm encoding and casting, I'm noticing, when the main app does something which holds up the GUI for example, then I'm getting blips / dropped sound on the output and I don't understand why if BASS is in its own process.

Am I missing something?

Chris Oakley

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Re: BASS and threading / own process clarification
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I found the problem. I was misdiagnosing the issue. It wasn't processes or threads, I was performing an unnecessary assignment to the input and was starting a fresh recording each time.

Big DOH!!!