Author Topic: a new VST3 Library- Who wants to donate time to make it happen?  (Read 154 times)


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Ok so we can't avoid making our program work with VST3 any longer.
We had to disable all VST2's in our program if an ARM64 chip is detected on macOS and have to tell our users to run in Rosetta mode which isn't ideal.
Plus even Steinberg dropped VST2 support recently in all their DAW' so it's time to move on for sure.

Soooo.....I will assign one of my coders to research and help build it a brand new BASS_VST3 library this month.
Anyone else here have the skills to help out and tag team this with us?  It's a complete re-write from the old version FYI so all the help we can get will speed things up as it's a massive task.

If anyone else can help AND are fluent in C++ and making DLL libraries for PC and .dylibs for macOS leave a reply here  ;-)



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Wow this is really needed !

I have good knowledge on the actual BASS_VST2 but not enough skills to help for BASS_VST3
What I suggest however is to still use the actual bass_vst.dll code, but you add a test
If plugin is VST2.4 then use actual code, then use new code


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I also have some knowledge about VST2 architecture but unfortunately I'm not too enthusiastic about VST3. This is only partly because of Steinberg's attitude. The bigger problem for me is the way VST3 handles (or more precisely cannot handle properly) Midi. And if someone mentions this to them on their forums the answers are rather arrogant. E.g like this:
"Your frustration comes from the misunderstanding that you can build MIDI plug-ins with VST. VST describes an audio plugin API. That you could misuse version 2 for building MIDI plug-ins was not intended."
More info:

I mainly write VSTi instruments that are essentially wrappers around emulator libraries (Bassmidi VSTi, Munt VSTi, OPL3 GM VSTi). Writing such things in VST3 seems to be a nightmare. Maybe it's not a coincidence that Roland released (not so long ago, in 2017) the best classic Sound Canvas emulator (SC-VA) still only in VST2 form. This was despite the fact that at that time the marketing machine of Steinberg had already declared VST2 to be old/inefficient/deprecated and VST3 to be the only viable solution.

AFAIK the full deprecation/dropping of VST2 has not happened so far in Steinberg's DAWs and the process will be finished no sooner than 2024.
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