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Questions concerning bitrates
« on: 17 Nov '22 - 07:17 »
Hi there :-)

I have a couple of questions concerning encoding bitrates. I am encoding to flac, mp3, ogg, opus ans and wma, each with Startfile  respectively Start method:

(1) When I use default values I get different values for bitrate for each codec. Are they compareable with each other, i. e. will default value for opus provide similar quality as default value for mp3 for instance?
(2) Can I Just use any value like 145 678 or Are there steps like 128 000 and 96 000 for instance?
(3) Do I have to type 128 or 128000 for instance for any of the codecs?
(4) What Are the bitrate ranges for each codec, for instance mp3 >> 96 to 320 or so?

Looking forward to your answers :-)
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