Author Topic: Error: /bin/ld: ./ .dynsym local symbol at index 2 (>= sh_info of  (Read 240 times)


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hello all, compiling a small test program with lazarus,
the compiler gives me these errors when I use libbass.

Error: /bin/ld: ./ .dynsym local symbol at index 2 (>= sh_info of 2)
Error: /bin/ld: ./ .dynsym local symbol at index 3 (>= sh_info of 2)

Does anyone have any info please? Thanks Luigi

the libraries are the last

Ian @ un4seen

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Strange, I've not heard of that before. Are you getting the same messages for and other add-ons, or only If it's only some, please confirm which are/aren't affected and what version of each you're using.

This suggests that the message is a warning (rather than an error) from certain binutils version(s):

So the build should still succeed. Does it not? One suggestion I saw was to add "-fuse-ld=gold" to the linker options.


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hi ian

only for BassMix, and is only a warning..