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Hi, sorry I put a comment on the download site instead of posting here first. :/
I have the plugin running, and it is making the file, but instead of any song info in the text file it appears to be just adding a space on each line.
I have tried appending and replacing, and flipped every setting I could find, I'm out of ideas.
Its a new install of xmplay and the plugin, no settings changed in terms of the formatting of the text, nothing excluded.


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Re: xmp-justlog: empty spaces instead of track info
« Reply #1 on: 17 Mar '24 - 08:04 »
What version of XMPlay are you running?  What version of the xmp-justlog plugin?  The newer versions of the plugin require a newer version of XMPlay, just grab the current versions of both.  Please share a screenshot of your plugin settings.  Mine are below, albeit with an older (1.8.1) version of the plugin.  They produce log entries like the below, played files preceded with the extension while radio streams just include artist and title (when being sent).  BTW, the plugin has a dedicated thread here:

2023-04-16 15:26:46   [MP3] S├╝ndenrausch - Brenn!
2023-04-16 18:30:31  The Grateful Dead - Ripple   -
2023-04-16 18:30:55  Laurel Halo - Oneiroi   -
2023-04-16 18:32:09  Marc Lener & Kilu - Smoczek (Waverockerz Electro Mix)   -


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Re: xmp-justlog: empty spaces instead of track info
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Latest version of the program and the plugin, I only just discovered the program :)
Also I just tried moving the program from my D: to C: but that didnt help.