Author Topic: All core any cures - Intel CPU electronic bit tuning utility  (Read 4218 times)


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Hello, everyone of BASS users. I am making "Bug head" using BASS. BASS is an excellent sound solution that can be realized depending on the idea of ​​high end audio world. "Bug head" is complete, but I am making it free software so that I can not make promising counterparties for sales. In Japan there is no shareware settlement service to sell to foreign countries, capital needs to be 10 million yen or more in order to sell, which may seem annoying.

Well, I agree to include the research and development results obtained by "Bug head" into your software. It is possible to distribute zip or executable in your software. Even if it is not a sound solution, it can do for the purpose of solving uncertain bugs. I have no promising trading partner to sell, so I only have to continue with free software.

How to use - resident program
Execute "AllCoreAnyCures_Startup.exe"
result : "AllCoreAnyCures.exe" two resident

How to use - no resident program
Execute "AllCoreAnyCures_1.exe"
result : 4 seconds processed

64-bit AVX2.0 Version for Intel Core i5 i7
Size 878,179 bytes

Download website (Japan)