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Vote for best reply
« on: 13 Aug '20 - 17:49 »
Hello everybody, I just saw a comment saying that being able to mark a response as the solution to a problem would be a great add-on to the forum.
I absolutely agree and would also like to share with you an idea I got which is pretty similar but not quite.
I thought of an option kind of like in other forums or in Reddit (kind of), where people could "up- or downvote" / "Like or Dislike" replies to a query, let's say.
In any case, I think that my proposal of function would make it easier to find one's way when a subject is much debated in order to know what to get out of it, to waste less time reading everything if it's not necessarily needed, and also to agree and put forward a publication without having to specifically write a comment oneself which lengthens the discussion thread and somehow doesn't bring so much added value.
I believe that this feature could very well suit topics where opinions are asked about and where there maybe isn't an exclusive answer to. (otherwise the feature in my first sentence is to be preferred I guess).
Tell me what you think about it and good afternoon y'all!


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Re: Vote for best reply
« Reply #1 on: 23 Sep '20 - 10:48 »
I think in this forum it is enough to mark the response as the solution since there a not really much highly debated answers. Either the solution is working or not, but they normally work for everyone. But it is nice to see that people are thinking about how to improve the forum  :D