Author Topic: BASS_MIDI - channel 1 stops playing notes after playing for 64 times  (Read 400 times)


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I'm using BASS_MIDI to send MIDI commands.
I've set the MIDI stream to work with 2 channels.
Channel 0 plays notes as expected.
However, channel 1 stops playing notes after it plays the 64th note.

I've done some experiments and found that if I make channel 1 play notes 3 times faster, for instance, than it will play 192 (= 3* 64) notes before stopping.

BASS_MIDI_StreamEvent returns 1 to the command to play the note.
BASS_ErrorGetCode() returns 0.
But the note doesn't play at all.

The number 64 is quite suggestive and makes me wonder whether this issue has something to do with RAM.
I'm running a 32-bit application on Windows 10 x64.

Any suggestions?

Ian @ un4seen

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Are you releasing the notes (MIDI_EVENT_NOTE with velocity=0) and are the samples looped? If they are looped and you aren't releasing them then perhaps it's hitting the voice limit. You can adjust that limit via the BASS_CONFIG_MIDI_VOICES and/or BASS_ATTRIB_MIDI_VOICES options. If that isn't it, is it possible for you to provide a bare-bones example to reproduce the problem with? I think it's highly unlikely to be RAM-related.