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« on: 12 Nov '22 - 14:49 »
Just curious (a wild question) about BASS_CHANNELINFO structure especially on "filename".

Obviously if a channel created by streamcreatefile, then BASS_CHANNELINFO filename can be retrieved.

How about if a channel created by UDP / TCP bytes pushed at STREAMPROC or BASS_FILEPROCS, what is value of "filename" in BASS_CHANNELINFO?

Or can we set some specific "filename" to channel created by STREAMPROC or BASS_FILEPROCS ?

Ian @ un4seen

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The BASS_CHANNELINFO "filename" value will be NULL when the stream isn't file/URL-based. There isn't currently any other way to set that, but if you would like to associate a custom filename with a stream then you could use the BASS_ATTRIB_USER option via BASS_ChannelSetAttributeEx, eg. set it to a pointer to a filename (or a pointer to a structure if you would like to associate other data too).