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Converting .wav to .mo3
« on: 19 Feb '08 - 22:04 »

Im an absolute nub when it comes to audio conversion and i found that i needed to convert a .wav file to a .mo3 file to mod a game background sound but the only info i could find on about .wav to .mo3 files were pointing towards this website but i can not find any simple converter.

Is there any around that i could download to convert the .wav to .mo3?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Converting .wav to .mo3
« Reply #1 on: 20 Feb '08 - 08:13 » convert the .wav to .mo3?
You can compress XM, S3M, IT and MOD files to MO3.
There is no way to convert MP3, WAV, OGG or FLAC to MO3, because the way of saving the audio is fundamentally different. It's like giving your computer a cd and asking it to write out the notes for all instruments, the lyrics and special effects.

As a side note: you can use the whole wav file as a sample, use a tracker (for example Milkytracker) to create a mod that plays only that sample, and compress that result using MO3. That's completely not what MO3 was ment for.


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Re: Converting .wav to .mo3
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Ok thanks for that mate... appreciate it ;)