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« on: 5 Aug '03 - 01:49 »
I have made an audio player using the Bass sound system, it's called Mp3CoolPlay-Xtreme and it is in beta state.

Here's a screenshot of the player:

You can download the player here:

please let me know if you like it.


Peter Hebels (PH Software Technologies)


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Re: Mp3CoolPlay-X
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Yep very nice design :D

I realise its just a beta but 3 things i noticed though:

*) Just my opinion but perhaps the spectrum bar dropoff rate could be a bit slower
*) Maybe a little splash of color would improve the basic skin.
*) The DSP window could do with skinning.

I like the scrolling on the taskbar of the song title. :o

Overall very nice.

ps. Nice collection of tunes on the screenshot- some of my favourites ;)


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Re: Mp3CoolPlay-X
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I'm water ::)
Wish u everything as u wish it to be ...

I think that your software is very good , indeed.

I also have just finished a Media Software . It's powerful and so nice ;).

If u want to see it , I 'll send to u some pictures of software , ok.

my email :


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Re: Mp3CoolPlay-X
« Reply #3 on: 5 Aug '03 - 17:02 »
Thanks for the replies!

And bigjim, you're not the only one that says that the bar falloff is to fast, many others said it also and because of that I make the bar falloff slower.
It's also a great idea to skin the DSP Window, this will be available in the next version of Mp3CoolPlay-X.
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