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KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« on: 24 Aug '03 - 23:16 »
I was just reading some veeery old threads, and noticed this thread by KelticDanor. The first post goes like this:

All I can say is this is the best and smallest, fastest player I have ever seen. I can see nothing wrong, anything more could only be a bonus.

And unlike some, I think the interface (Or GUI if you like) is pretty much perfect. I despise skins for the waste of space and useless glossy hogs that they are. Please, whatever you do, don't use skins. Or at the very least keep a default built in skin, so it can still be one small file.

Basically there three things in a player I can't stand.
- Skins
- Huge program size
- Visualizations (Your spectrum analyser kicks butt though)
- Winamp

p.s. How did you keep it so small (127Kb).

Long live XMplay

Now that you think about it, XMPlay has just about everything he can't stand: it has both skins and visualizations. It is almost double the size of the one back in those days, so Keltic just has to consider it huge. And that's not all - before I found XMPlay, I was a Winamp user and I didn't think (and I actually don't even now, except Winamp3 of course) it much sucked. So I took many of my ideas on how to improve XMPlay straight from there, and many got implemented too.

Now, what can you conclude? Perhaps here's the reason why Keltic hasn't posted much lately :idea:.

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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug '03 - 07:55 »
Interesting theory...
But I don't think anyone considers XMPlay "huge", even now.  As for the skinning issue, KelticDanor explains how he fells about skin support in this post.  Actually, it's interesting going back and reading the opinions of people on the skinning issue before skins were introduced.

And people's opinions change over time.  I remember I wasn't sure about the addition skin support at first...


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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #2 on: 26 Aug '03 - 15:29 »
Yeah well, it wasn't a theory as much as a joke ;). Surely Keltic (or anyone) must think that XMPlay has only gone forwards in development :).


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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #3 on: 4 Sep '03 - 06:05 »
When I first got XMplay off of an old cd called tracked works 2k, I thought the whole thing was cool as hell. You don't really see many non-skin GUIs anymore, nor did you back then even. The only skin I've ever used is Vintage (kudos to Brightguy) because I just liked the way the old one felt. It was cool to just get in there and mess with the colours and whatnot.
Visuals are cool and all, but all ya really need is the spec analyzer and plugins. Lots of plugins.

Keltic Danor

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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #4 on: 5 Sep '03 - 16:38 »
lol ok, when there is a thread with your name on it, you know its time to post something. :o

Funny thing about skins, visualizations, plugins. Before they were in XMPlay I could'nt stand them, but once I saw Ian's implmentation of them, I dunno how I lived without them. (lol although that said I use the default skin, no plugins, and 1 vis :laugh: )

Long overdue update to the site too btw. Skins and thingies.

I'm a bit out of touch with things at the moment busy with alot. If you ask most people what the three most time consuming things in life are they'll say: Job, Girlfriend, Games. So I started a new job, got a girlfriend and found a MMORPG to play. So yup that sort of took my time for the past months.

I am still around though don't worry about that. :P


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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #5 on: 6 Sep '03 - 13:30 »
Welcome back, KD! :)


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Re: KelticDanor can't stand XMPlay
« Reply #6 on: 8 Sep '03 - 06:09 »
Good to see you again!