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Hey everybody,

I have a question which is probably pretty easy to answer. I am doing:

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Dim BMP As Bitmap = Spektrum.CreateSpectrumLinePeak(streamfx, Breite, Hoehe, System.Drawing.Color.Green, System.Drawing.Color.IndianRed, System.Drawing.Color.SlateGray, System.Drawing.Color.Transparent, Resolution, 3, Distance, 40, False, True, True)
What I get is a thin red border around the visualization and instead of a transparent background, the background turns out to be black.
Is this on purpose or is there any way to fix this? It might eventually be due to my own program though...

Edit: Because the weird thing is that when I use it in a WinForms application, there s no red border, only when I use it in a WPF MVVM app...
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