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(VB6) End of stream stops reverb
« on: 29 Jun '22 - 03:24 »
Hi friends,

With Bass_Fx, I add some reverb on a jingle.
When the end of jingle had been reached, the audio stops, so the reverb has not time to finish.

Related to this message , I tried on a Bass_FX example, by adding :
Code: [Select]
Call BASS_ChannelSetAttribute(chan, BASS_ATTRIB_TAIL, 2)before
Code: [Select]
' play the new stream
Call BASS_ChannelPlay(chan, BASSFALSE)
but I get a "Compile error : Varaible not defined" (with "BASS_ATTRIB_TAIL" highlited by debugger) on clicking on the button which opens the file browser (I can only break the program).

I try to find what I miss, but without success.
The syntax looks good as well as I can ATTRIB another parameter (like for example ATTRIB_VOL), but ATTRIB_TAIL , no :(

A small idea ?  ::) ;D



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Re: (VB6) End of stream stops reverb
« Reply #1 on: 29 Jun '22 - 08:32 »
Looks like  you have a outdated bass.bas .
In the Latest Bass package (VB Directory, bass.bas) the BASS_ATTRIB_TAIL is defined.

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Re: (VB6) End of stream stops reverb
« Reply #2 on: 29 Jun '22 - 12:34 »
Hi Chris,

thanks for your answer.
I effectivly though to that before opening thread, but I had bass.bas and .dll in the main folder of effects demos and in each effect folder, and I was replacing the wrong files ...

Looks running now :)

Thanks !