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« on: 28 Mar '22 - 16:21 »
I currently don't see a shuffle button. I had to go under options to activate that feature. But it also like most other players out there does not seem to keep track of what it already has played and so the same songs are playing twice or more which is annoying. Basically when there is a playlist of 20 songs set to shuffle, it should play them in random order and not repeat any of them until the 20 songs have all been played.

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Re: Shuffle
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XMPlay does remember which tracks have been played, so should not randomly repeat a track until the entire playlist has been played. By default, the history will be reset when the "Random order" switch is toggled, but that can be disabled by adding a "NoRandomReset=1" line to your XMPLAY.INI file. If you still hear a track twice, check that you don't have multiple copies of it in the playlist (you can disable multiple copies with the "No duplicates" option in the "Playlist" options page).