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skinconfig.txt options
« on: 23 Feb '23 - 00:55 »
At some update between and color_listnum became a valid option which does what I expect. I haven't found any documentation or forum posts that mention it.

I'm happy that it now exists, but I'm left wondering what other settings are available. e.g. it wasn't easy to work out what options there are for "Info Display". I've found pos_info1line and font_mainalign, but I think that format control of the text is on the 3.9 wishlist.

So, is there are an up-to-date list of the options? The xmp-skin.txt only covers 3.8.2 and earlier. That mentions "* Font "quality" options (font_xxxquality)", but not what they are.

Added. I looked in the most recent skin on the support website (Escape by Keltic Danor), and that appears to have a larger collection of options in skinconfig.txt. So, maybe that's the latest information.



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Re: skinconfig.txt options
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb '23 - 16:55 »
Some new options were indeed added for KelticDanor's recent skins. They will be documented at the next XMPlay and skinning kit release, but in the meantime, I think this is all of them:

color_listnum = track number/time/type
color_listqueue = queued track marker/number
color_listselback = selected track background
font_listposalign = playlist position/count alignment
font_searchalign = search text alignment
infostretch = stretch the info window heading (instead of repeating)

pos_listoff can also now include a 2nd number for right side padding

The best way to find all of the other existing skinconfig options is to look at the example skins in the skinning kit, as all options should be listed in those (even if they're unused/commented-out). For example, pos_info1line and font_mainalign are included there. I notice the font "quality" options aren't though. They set the "iQuality" parameter in the font's CreateFont call, as described here: