Author Topic: Producing Binaural or 3d audio with bass?  (Read 151 times)


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Producing Binaural or 3d audio with bass?
« on: 28 Aug '22 - 13:41 »

Is it possible to make 3d soundscapes, or binaural effects, with bass?
I see there is threeD support through speaker configuration, but I seem to forever get "speaker unavailable" errors when attempting to leverage it.
My use case is imagine you were standing on a patch of land wih a stream flowing to your right and a forest to your left. I'd like to be able to produce this with bass in such a way that if you moved left, the forest sound would expand across the audio field, while the stream would shrhink away. From a single line perspective this would probably be easy, simply panning and volume on a slider, but the problem I am encountering is with sounds that are left and in front, right and in front ETC. Using the same sound clip just, as you would expect, produces a phased crappy sound if you hit it on multiple handles. I've got around this a little with pitch shifting and using a mixer, but it still sounds a bit synthesised. A sound engineering friend of mine recommends looking into binaural engines, but I'm not sure how bass would, or if it can, support this?

So, yeah! that's where I am at, any suggestions, fine folks?

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Re: Producing Binaural or 3d audio with bass?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Aug '22 - 15:38 »
Unfortunately, BASS has only basic 3D processing built-in. It will use multiple speakers when available, but will otherwise just manipulate the sound's volume/panning/frequency. More advanced stereo processing (eg. HRTF) would need to be applied separately, eg. in a DSP callback (DSPPROC).

Regarding the "phased crappy sound" issue you describe, are you playing a sound multiple times simultaneously to create a soundscape? If so, perhaps some reverb would work better?