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Rendering Sequencer Output to Disk
« on: 16 Aug '03 - 20:42 »
I've created a simple sequencer that plays some small samples [kick,snare,hihat,toms,..] in 8 channels. by storing drum seqeunces in form of PATTERNs, i also created an arranger that lets you arrange these patterns and make a song [somehow].

It's working alright and does everything it's supposed to do. but i've got a problem when it comes to rendering the output to disk [or Export,as some sequences call it]:

I created a custom stream and assigned 8 channles of samples to it [by mixing them in a callback].they are being played one by one with a hi-res timer [when switching to render mode i also trun of audio output] so to save it into the disk,it has to be done in real time ,and if the song is 4 minutes long,it will take 4 minutes to render cause samples are being played in real time by that timer. is there any solution to render sequence events to disk in much less time,like the way other apps like Acid do?


PS. it would be really cool if someone could show me a simple correct way of mixing different samples or streams in a callback procedure and pipe them into a custom stream.i guess i'm doing the wrong way!  

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Rendering Sequencer Output to Disk
« Reply #1 on: 17 Aug '03 - 13:01 »
Here's a simple example of mixing...

Assuming all your samples are of the same format, the above should work nicely straight out of the box :)


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Re: Rendering Sequencer Output to Disk
« Reply #2 on: 18 Aug '03 - 11:50 »
:) Thanx alot Ian.that was an exciting thread,and it just worked out for me.i was doing wrong in summing up buffers.  :P