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exe commpressor
« on: 28 Sep '06 - 20:54 »
ok i have a problem and that is that i have this keygen for idm and it works with no viruses well the idm dl had a virus in it but the keygen dint any way the key gen is called patch.exe and it has this reali cool music playing when its running so i wanted to be able to record that music or find ith with in the exe but all the files are commpressed with a exe commpressor so i cant veiw them so i when serching a round and then i saw mx-exe program and i thhought with that i may beable to reverse the opatch.exe file with butyou cant so now i have dled the plug in for xmplay that makes it play exe files so im going to see if i can do that and then usse the out put lame encoder to chanfe the music from the file to a mp3 but it say since i just dled it read the txt file and it says it works for exes made by xm-exe so my question is will my idea work or is there a more easyer way to do this?

thatnk tyou for the help i will post the program here for all to listen


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Re: exe commpressor
« Reply #1 on: 28 Sep '06 - 21:04 »
That won't work, playing the file with XMPlay. You could try to decompile the program, ofcourse, but I doubt that's possible. The easiest way is recording the music with something like Audacity, just have it record from Stereo Mix ;).


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Re: exe commpressor
« Reply #2 on: 29 Sep '06 - 08:12 »
DBX_5TM, could you send the keygen over so I could have a stab at getting the music out? You can attach files in your posts if you register or just post an URL.


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Re: exe commpressor
« Reply #3 on: 12 Oct '06 - 06:23 »
Use PE Tools to dump the exe and then run Fast Module Extractor that is all.

also have a look here