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« on: 23 Jul '07 - 15:43 »
I have some problems with this tool. :(
Created multi-exe file crashes sometimes,when it starts playing new track.
XMPlay can't play it too. Don't you know how to sole this ploblem?
PS. Sorry for terrible english.

Ian @ un4seen

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« Reply #1 on: 23 Jul '07 - 18:05 »
I'm not sure that the entire XM-EXE source code is around anymore (it shared the XMPlay source which has changed considerably since), so new releases may not be possible, but I did find an unreleased XM-EXE 1.7 that you could try :)

There was no "History" (changelog) entry for it, and it's been 7 years since, so I'm not entirely sure what has changed, or if it was ready for release. There are some changes apparent in the GUI though, so I've added those to the "History" in the ZIP above.