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1  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Hardware on: 24 Feb '14 - 18:43
WASAPI to Realtek ALC269 to either the embedded speakers on this Satellite (supposedly* Harman/Kardon Odyssey II), or a pair of Sennheiser PX100-II headphones.
I've picked those up quite recently after my old pair of "weird cheap nonames" I had since a decade finally died.
Been trying to replace these damaged nonames since a long time, but I really liked the sound and couldn't find anything similar.
Still didn't - had to get used to much stronger bass on the Sennheisers - but while different, they do sound nice, and hopefully will live for more than a couple of months. Wink
* (according to service manual, but I have never bothered to verify)
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2  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Noticing skips in module pattern visualization on: 12 Jan '14 - 09:25
Let me be the one who asks the most stupid question:

You're sure it's not because of "change tempo" and/or "jump to pattern" commands inside the module?
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3  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay Labs: Creating animations using pos_level on: 12 Jan '14 - 09:22
Oh, yikes. I guess I again failed to put my point through.

I was asking whether you think the Voyetra stuff and the Creative(?) software Nicolas used for basis of this skin were the same too, or just inspired by each other.

Anyway, thanks for the reply... and once again, I apologize for necroing this thread in the first place.
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4  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay Labs: Creating animations using pos_level on: 11 Jan '14 - 13:10

OP's screenshot totally reminds me of software I knew as Voyetra Audiostation.
I am well aware it was OEMed under many names (by Turtle Beach, Crystal, IBM, Compaq, Packard Bell), with different logos put in.

From your comments I guess this skin is meant to resemble some Creative soundcard software.
Do you think or know whether there was any relation between them, or did just one of these makers ripped other's GUI off?

(The version I remember was like this, http://pbclub.pwcsite.com/wiki/index.php?title=File:BT_TELEPOWER.jpg , except without P.B. branding.)

EDIT: *facepalms* Why have I thought this thread was fresh?
Sorry for digging it back from the second page...
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5  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Which is for you the best Vis ? on: 24 May '13 - 23:00
Sorry for resurrecting the thread, and I'mma let you facepalm, but Rabbit Hole 1.0 (not 1.1 with the stupid disco lights!) is the best .svp vis of all time!
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6  Developments / XMPlay / Re: more XMPlay ideas on: 1 Mar '13 - 21:49

I guess you have one or another mental condition that causes you to act this way.
However, let me point out that:
- you're acting very obsessive about minute, odd changes in the player that most of us would consider useless or harmful
- you are even worse at phrasing your information than I am
- by editing XMPlay and/or plugins without author's permission you're not only acting against the license but also being extremely disrespectful
- your software knowledge seems to be always very eccentric and sometimes completely incorrect.

You have a change suggestion, post it. As a short text description, no a modified executable. If it's accepted, yay. If not, stop pushing for it.
You very much remind me of someone. Are you from the neighborhood of Austin, TX?
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7  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.7 reports, queries and bugs on: 22 Feb '13 - 17:05
Yesterday's update did indeed introduce a silly MP3-related bug (in the Xing/LAME header reading). Here's another update to correct that...

Perfect! Thank you very much! ^^
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8  Developments / XMPlay / Re: FLAC plugin - XMPlay hangs and uses a lot of CPU on specific FLAC file on: 22 Feb '13 - 14:05
I've had a similar issue a long while ago, when an older revision of XMP-AAC plugin was taking priority on some FLAC files and either not playing or crashing.
So, thirded - extract XMPlay and the FLAC plugin to an empty folder and verify then.
If works, add plugins from your main install one by one until you find the culprit.
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9  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.7 reports, queries and bugs on: 22 Feb '13 - 01:55
09_crash_in_3.7.0.23.mp3 dropped in ftp/incoming.

This MP3 crashes today's stuff version (.23), but works in 3.7.0.
If file is being added to playlist, the crash happens when XMPlay loads it to read length.
If file was already in playlist with cached length (eg. added in 3.7.0), crashes on play attempt.

Verified in a clean folder with zero plugins/skins.
EDIT: Also, stripping the id3 tags does NOT prevent crash - just tried that.

-- w.
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10  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Photo Montage: XMPlay using the Sonique Video 2 Plugin on: 20 Oct '12 - 17:36
Now, now. XMPlay uses Sonique visuals already (does anyone have a copy of that SDK?).
It'd be sweet if it'd be capable of using Sonique skins too, but considering the very different UI philosophy, there's just about no chance for that.

As of video - there are Winamp plugins like in_tara and in_dshow that do exactly what you're asking for.
I remember using Tara for a while around XMPlay v3.4 - it worked back then.
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11  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Confused by WASAPI on: 28 Feb '12 - 20:08
I didn't want to bump the topic just with thanks, but as I'm resurrecting it now... thank you very much for your answers, Dotpitch, they do clear things out. Smiley

Alas, your large answer probably seemed exhaustive to everyone who skimmed, and I'm still confused about this part...

So, first of all - when I'm using the default sound driver (DirectSound?) in XMPlay,  i.e set Options -> Output -> Device to "Speakers", XMPlay's volume slider moves its per-application slider in Windows mixer. When I set Device to "WASAPI - Speakers", XMPlay's volume control doesn't move any of Windows mixer sliders (but still alters XMPlay's internal volume). Is that intended?

I've updated the plugin to stuff revision 3d ( in the meantime. That added a checkbox to control the device's volume slider in exclusive mode. But I still can't make the "per-application" slider in shared mode to move. With default audio output driver ("Device: Speakers"), XMPlay's volume slider moves its per-application volume slider in mixer. With WASAPI, it doesn't.

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12  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 28 Feb '12 - 19:51
Do by "red square" you mean the red frame around the options window?
Are you running Online Armor firewall, or any other fancy firewall or security suite with the "process control" / "sandbox" / "application security" / "defense+" / <dozen of other marketing names> feature enabled?
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13  Developments / XMPlay / Confused by WASAPI on: 25 Feb '12 - 17:05
I've searched the forum for "wasapi", but didn't find any place that'd had all the answers, thus this post.
If it is explained somewhere, sorry... "RTFThread" answers welcome if accompanied with link.

So I've recently got a Win7 machine, which's my first contact with the NT6.x audio stack.

XMPlay, WASAPI plugin rev.3, Realtek ALC269 (Yeah, yeah, I know, but this is a laptop.)

So, first of all - when I'm using the default sound driver (DirectSound?) in XMPlay,  i.e set Options -> Output -> Device to "Speakers", XMPlay's volume slider moves its per-application slider in Windows mixer. When I set Device to "WASAPI - Speakers", XMPlay's volume control doesn't move any of Windows mixer sliders (but still alters XMPlay's internal volume). Is that intended?

Next, one thing I'd like to clarify - when General Track Info -> Output has two lines, the one in parentheses is what XMPlay decodes the file as, and the one without is what gets sent to the driver?

And well, the main confusion...
Playing a typical 44.1 kHz/16bit file.
In exclusive mode, the Windows' mixer signal bars turn off, no other app can play sounds, and XMPlay's General info shows only one line as Output.
Output -> Resolution = "16 bit" , Output -> WASAPI -> "Use highest available resolution" = off gives "44100 hz - stereo - 16 bit"
Output -> Resolution = "16 bit" , Output -> WASAPI -> "Use highest available resolution" = on gives "44100 hz - stereo - 24 bit"
Output -> Resolution = "24 bit" or "32 bit" gives "44100 hz - stereo - 24 bit" no matter what is the setting of the "Use highest available resolution" checkbox.
In non-exclusive mode, I get one of
"44100 hz - stereo - 32 bit", if I set Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers -> Advanced  -> Default Format to any 44100 Hz one (no matter if 16 or 24 bit), or
"<xxx> hz - stereo - 32 bit (44100 hz - stereo)", if I set Default Format to any other sample rate (no matter if 16 or 24 bit), with this set rate displaying in place of <xxx>.

So, do I understand right that in shared mode, all audio is resampled to the Default Format value at 32bit precision, and then downscaled to the output resolution? And if so, should I set it down to 44100 as majority of my music collection is 44100?


EDIT/PS: Would it be better to downmix 5.1 to 2.0 in WinampAC3 plugin's panel, as I did on XP, or better to let it emit all 6 channels and let Windows downmix it?
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14  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 16 Jan '12 - 19:13
Ian, I know you've heard this already... but you rock. Smiley
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15  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 14 Jan '12 - 22:15
Are you referring to the title being cropped short, or are there still dodgy characters being shown?

It is cropped short (Dodgy characters disappeared).
Actually, I think the "star" character (third from the right in tooltip on the screenshot) is still erroneous, too. Wink
PS. What about the two-button-drag bug?
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16  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 26 Dec '11 - 19:10
So I've made a huge jump from to .47.
Because of that, I don't know if it was this way since the day it has been introduced, or broken by one of following updates, but the "press and hold left, then press and hold right, and do a 2-button drag" way of temporarily unlocking the "lock window position" feature works only in some places.
Concrete example: Miniwindow, track title. With position unlocked, I can leftclick+drag and move the window. With position locked, If I'll left-hold and click right, I get the context menu.
In comparison, clicking any "non-functional background" place in the skin lets me left-drag if unlocked, and do the 2-button drag if locked.

Hope you're enjoying holiday break,
-- wrkq
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17  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 7 Dec '11 - 20:23
Couldn't you just hit the Next button instead of the Play button? Smiley
Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhh, if I'd remember to. Smiley
But hey, was just a thought, no push. Smiley
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18  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 3 Dec '11 - 19:12
Hmm, a tiny little thing...
Current "Stop at end of track" is literal. That is, it stops "in the current track", so when you hit Play again, it replays it.
Would adding a second option in stop button's rightclick menu, one that'd also stop but after advancing to next track, so clicking Play starts with track after the one that last played (and ended) had any point?
(Or maybe at least an .ini setting to choose between these two behaviors?)

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19  Developments / XMPlay / Re: FLV files on: 27 Nov '11 - 15:15
ffmpeg -i somevideo.flv -vn -acodec copy output.aac


Works like a charm for me. You can write yourself a small .cmd file that you can drag/drop the FLV on, like this.
Code: (extractflvsound.cmd)
cd /d x:\path\to\ffmpeg\bin
ffmpeg -i "%1" -vn -acodec copy "%~dpn1.aac"

(Making it work with multiple files left as an exercise to the reader)
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20  Developments / XMPlay / Re: idiot on: 19 Oct '11 - 21:07
Thanks for putting the warning about yourself in the topic.

Hey when u have the time moron can u update this thing
Well, if a moron can do it, then do it.

so that when it plays an incomplete flac it doesnt repeatedly tell u codec error with no way of gettin the hell out of that message without goin to task manager
Only if you install the experimental DSHOW plugin and are trying to use some crappy directshow flac decoder.
xmp-flac will just stop and skip on an end of a truncated flac. And I've never seen the term "codec" displayed anywhere by XMPlay.

also cud u make the thing less god damn sensitive so that every other time u move it or whatever it stops turning into compact mode? really stpid and annoying
Either your mouse doubleclicks all the time, or you've edited the configuration file to enable the autominimize feature. It's quite hard to do this accidentally.

and god cud u make it any harder to find the always stay on top? idiot?
Well, let's see, instead of opening Options, and finding the "Always on top" checkbox in the Miscellaneous section it might require you to travel to the Red Square, get naked, paint a perfect portrait of Vladimir Lenin on your chest with a blood of a bear you catched with your bare hands, and sing the hymn of the Soviet Union, all at the anniversary of the October Revolution (which, btw, happened in November according to "our" calendar, so you still have a chance to do it this year!).

update it already bastard
Ahh! Explains it all! Dude, you're posting on wrong forum...

Hmm, wonder what player he mistook for Ian's one, and who is the sad developer from an unloyal parent...

PS. Replying because I'm pissed at the above, feel free to delete both, of course.
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