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201  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 25 Jan '13 - 16:00
Better, but still not 100% right.

Things seem to work correctly eventually, but sometimes the mini mode shows up briefly with some corruption.  Also, even on the normal mode strange things happened.  Hard to explain, but the spots in my previous caps which showed the brightly colored "transparent" spots end up showing as transparent even though things were supposed to be there.  For instance, on the default skin, the screen cap showed bright green spots on either side, which is where the slider handles live, and for a short time the handles weren't there and then they filled in.  

When switching to the Euphoria skin, in normal mode, the panels are ALWAYS open, and the controls require two clicks to retract them.  Then going into mini showed the corruption for a split second before showing the correct mini.

And on occasion, Neutron starts up looking like the cap below.  I had to take full screen and crop the cap because taking active window only didn't show this same effect (odd).

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202  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 24 Jan '13 - 19:55
Oh.... as I'm playing with this, AutoMini does not work in
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203  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 24 Jan '13 - 17:39
I figured it out.

I put XMPlay into its own directory, ran it to build the startup ini, and copied the Euphoria skin, Rated skin, and the Rated alpha source folder into that directory.

Then I gradually started copying various dlls into the directory, testing along the way, until I had everything from my old installation copied to the new one.  It kept working fine, both in normal size and mini size. 

I realized that the virgin ini didn't have automini set.  As soon as I added that line, the effects happened just like the screen caps I posted earlier.  Removing automini from xmplay.ini made everything work fine again.

That didn't trigger ALL of the same problems, so maybe there is something else in the ini that is affecting the screen drawing (maybe automini delay)?

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204  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 24 Jan '13 - 03:20
Firebrand, what version of XMPlay are you using?

Edit: The issue is most apparent with version  If you are using any other version, it probably all looks OK.

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205  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 23 Jan '13 - 20:37
Here's a few screen caps:

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206  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 23 Jan '13 - 13:22
XMPlay on Win 8 x64 on the desktop (not that awful blocky Metro tile stuff).  I'll be bringing out the Win 8 laptop in a few hours to get it ready for travel, and I'll test it on that platform to eliminate video card/driver weirdness issues.

On the Windows 8 laptop now.  Tried (that's what was on the laptop) and things worked pretty well.  The Rated alpha has the same blocky black background as on the desktop computer.  Downloaded, and got the exactly the same behavior as documented previously.  The mini-mode of every skin I tried is corrupted.  They all returned to normal on return to normal mode (hah!  that's funny).  The Rated alpha skin crashed XMPlay on mouseover of the mini-mode.

So, that eliminates the computer, video card, and driver as culprits.

What did you find, Firebrand?
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207  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 23 Jan '13 - 11:59
ohhhhh the alpha channel really makes the interface nicer ... and yes adding the alpha channel to the knobs, buttons, slider, works as expected Smiley

regarding bitmap corruptions with other skins everything looks just fine, i'm also running win7

Rated Alpha test2 attached:

Yes, the alpha does look nice.  Unfortunate that Windows 8 has eliminated that visual in their efforts to force consistency with tablets and smartphones, with touch-screens and running all apps maximized, full-screen.  Idiots!  But in forcing that consistency, they are setting the stage for Windows 8 domination of the tablet and smartphone OS wars that they are presently losing to Android.

I had high hopes for this Rated version since it ran in normal mode nicely.  It even went into mini-mode with no issues.  On mouseover, it drew a large rectangular grey box the width of the mini-GUI, and then crashed.  Offered to send error report.  Bah!

Interesting that the regular Rated skin (and most others) get corrupted in mini-mode, but the alpha one did not.  Other skins will return to normal mode without crashing.

XMPlay on Win 8 x64 on the desktop (not that awful blocky Metro tile stuff).  I'll be bringing out the Win 8 laptop in a few hours to get it ready for travel, and I'll test it on that platform to eliminate video card/driver weirdness issues. 

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208  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 22 Jan '13 - 19:08
Are you sure that you are running the latest executable? No corruptions here, neither with the default skin, nor with Neutron.

Are you running Win 8?

I double checked the exact version by looking at the bottom of the Options and stuff page.  It says

Just because I have too much time on my hands: - seems OK on all skins except Rated alpha where the background of the skin is a big black square with a small white square in the upper right corner and a white bar on the lower right corner. - don't have it. - same as - Rated alpha does not show on the desktop at all, even when running.  Can only control by right clicking the system tray icon and picking Options and stuff and manually changing the skin to something else.  Other skins show no ill effects. - don't have it. - same as - As originally described.  Rated alpha crashes XMPlay when auto changing from mini to regular mode with mouseover.  All other skins have the mini-mode corrupted (but no crashes).  Many other skins have bright green bits in the corners or elsewhere which are probably remnants of transparent color that didn't matter when they were used with previous versions.

Skins that I have on hand:
MMD3 (three different colors)
Neutron medium
Royale Vista
WAModern (three different colors)

Edit:  I also have a laptop running Windows 8.  I'll give it a try later this evening.
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209  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Alpha Support for the Skinning engine on: 22 Jan '13 - 17:26
Got some strange behavior on Win 8 x64 with this new alpha Rated skin and issues with all other skins.  Using XMPlay

Reproducible: With this new alpha Rated skin selected, double-click to trigger mini-mode.  Mousing-over the mini skin corrupts the layout and crashes XMPlay hard.

All other skins, even default: Put into mini-mode.  Layout is corrupted with a bright-green spots in various places (maybe vestigal transparent color?) and a good portion of the elements aren't in the right places.  Mouse-over moves the skin and changes layout, but it does not become big.  Double-clicking return the skin to normal.  No crashes.

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210  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Can't open URL on: 21 Jan '13 - 18:05
It plays OK on my computer.
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211  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Skin: Neutron Minimalistic on: 10 Jan '13 - 19:55
Absolutely love it!  Cool

Yeah, I thought it applied to the discussion.

Glad you liked it!

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212  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Skin: Neutron Minimalistic on: 6 Jan '13 - 11:43
Interesting Lifehacker Quotable.
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213  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Recommendation to axe minimode completely (should not have 4 view modes in skin) on: 5 Jan '13 - 18:57
What about a NoMini option?
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214  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Skin: Neutron Minimalistic on: 4 Jan '13 - 17:15
Not much has been going on in skinning for a while, and now we are seeing the evolutionary process that a skinning idea takes.

IMHO, you are reviving interest in the skinning of XMPlay.  Bravo to you!

Your minimalist skin idea has brought back a thought I had a quite a while back.  I was looking for a skin to use for internet radio streams.  There are a variety of skin elements that are superfluous, such as position in a track.  There are other elements that are of more interest, such as URL, name, and IP that could appear on the normal skin but could be left off of the mini-mode.  I am horrible at graphical stuff so I won't subject everybody here to any attempts, but maybe you or someone else could take a shot at it sometime?

Again, thanks for your skinning efforts.
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215  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Feature Request: "Current Track - Forward by 9s" / "27s" Shortcut Key on: 2 Jan '13 - 11:53
While that's true Jace, I think that robertcollier4 would like to have strange little work-arounds like this one and the code for the escape key more up front and intuitive for new and/or ordinary users. 

It moves it from "stuff you have to already know" to "stuff you can see."  (And as an aside, that's the reason for Windows GUI popularity over DOS.)
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216  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay ebook on: 31 Dec '12 - 12:38
Stuff is the beta version.  The 3.7 version is the latest, and doesn't have a beta beyond the release version (yet).
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217  Developments / XMPlay / Secret settings on: 21 Dec '12 - 11:48
I'd be happy to help explain it to you.
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218  Developments / XMPlay / Secret settings on: 20 Dec '12 - 15:06
Thank you for this update list Jimmy! Smiley

You're welcome.  HTH.
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219  Developments / XMPlay / Secret settings on: 18 Dec '12 - 19:50
The Illustrated Manual Section 6.2 - Secret INI settings was updated on 2012 Dec 18 through stuff version

Updated Item:
FlashTrack - [ and later] Enables flashing of the current playlist entry to enhance visibility

The entire list of "secret settings" with more detailed descriptions and pertinent forum links, is available in the Illustrated Manual Section 6.2 - Secret INI settings.
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220  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 27 Nov '12 - 02:24
I second the request for a middle-click alternative.  It is hard using the scroll-wheel on a two-button mouse to send a middle-click without scrolling and messing things up.  I gave up long ago.  I never did figure out what I could do when I was forced into using the trackpad on a laptop.
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