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201  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XM Play 3.6 crashing on exit on: 2 Oct '12 - 18:17
Something to keep in mind is that "browse~1.dll" is a shortened name in Windows old-style 8.3 naming convention.  The file could actually be browserfortheheckofit.dll or something like that.
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202  Developments / XMPlay / Re: deliplayer converted mods sound different on: 22 Sep '12 - 11:19
This reminds me of an issue I had with SHN files a while back.

The file would play the entire length but would not convert or write to disk using XMPlay (or any other tool) beyond 5:41.


I gave up on the issue and figured it wasn't meant to be.  Don't know know if this could be related.  The time is different, but maybe there's a header or memory issue somewhere or something.

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203  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay won't stay on top on: 21 Sep '12 - 21:06
Works fine here with, tested with several skins.

Sounds like a corrupted ini file.  You can try putting xmplay.exe into an otherwise empty directory and try running it from there.  It will build a new ini and you can test from there.

If it works OK there, then you know that the old ini file is the issue.
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204  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Problem with 7zip plugin ? on: 10 Sep '12 - 16:23
At one point, I was downloading live concerts.  I made a txt file in the directory so I could record background data such as date, venue, and special notes such as replacement musicians, cameo appearances, etc.  That file would stop the folder from playing until I specifically excluded the txt extension in the XMPlay options.  I suspect the same thing is happening with the folder holding the extracted archive if it includes a txt file.
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205  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Problem with 7zip plugin ? on: 10 Sep '12 - 15:43
Under Options and stuff, Playlist, Ignore filetypes - make sure it shows txt as an extension.
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206  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay LitePack and XMPlay MegaPack on: 6 Sep '12 - 13:17
Sounds like you are having quite a bad day.  It was obviously stupid of me to think that I might have a suggestion that could help you in any way.
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207  Developments / XMPlay / Re: XMPlay LitePack and XMPlay MegaPack on: 6 Sep '12 - 01:27
You might need to clear your cache.
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208  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 9 Aug '12 - 00:14
P.S. Forums seem to be dead last week. something happened?

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209  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 7 Jul '12 - 12:55
Changing output from "Speakers (High Definition Audio" (while you're there, note the missing end-paren) to "WASAPI (High Definition Audio Device)" solved the problem.
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210  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 6 Jul '12 - 22:37
Same here.  After the first volume change, the music keeps playing but everything locks up.  Have to kill the xmplay*32 process in Task Manager to regain control.

Win7 x64 if that matters.
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211  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 5 Jul '12 - 03:53
3.6 => 3.61 would be skipping "some" numbers. 3.6.1 would be another possibility, but probably too small a change to indicate what has really happened over the last 1-2 years.

Yeah, but it might be better than hiding all of those changes from the vast majority of users who don't get involved with "beta" software.
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212  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 4 Jul '12 - 12:53
What, and skip 54 minor version numbers?? Shocked
54???  I thought we were at, right?
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213  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 3 Jul '12 - 19:13
You don't have to go all the way to 3.7 with the version number.  3.61 is still available. Wink
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214  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 27 Apr '12 - 12:30
Would this work?
Do the search
Write a playlist with descriptive name (say "this search.pls" or "elvis.pls")
Play the playlist
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215  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 11 Apr '12 - 00:41
because it requires using 'someone elses' 'fix' for something the database/library already seems to have options for, or capability of, but isn't completely clear about

OK, I can't force you to fix it in any particular way.

You could wait for relative paths instead of absolute, or maybe some other 'fix'... that's OK.  I was under the impression that you wanted to save yourself the hassle.

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216  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 10 Apr '12 - 17:14
thanks Jimmy, but that's not a solution

And why not?
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217  Developments / XMPlay / Re: 3.6 reports, queries and bugs on: 10 Apr '12 - 11:13
(in the meantime, still wondering about persistent ratings .. had the drive letter change due to O.S. reinstall and lost em all .. again)

The PortableApps.com version of XMPlay uses a wrapper around the program and makes the drive letter modifcations to the files as needed.  This is great for people using XMPlay from USB drives or external hard drives since drive letters change frequently.

While it probably isn't ideal to permanently use the portablized version on your local hard drive, it may fix this problem.  Download and run the portable program once without any data, then copy your "broken" library, pls, ini, and your "stuff" version of XMPlay.exe over the corresponding files in the \Data directory, and then run again.  It should edit the files to make the drive letter changes. Then copy your "fixed" files back to where they came from.

Edit: some stuff is in the \Data directory, some in the \App directory (like the exe).

Here's the link:
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218  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Suggestions for 3.7 on: 26 Mar '12 - 22:17
Darn pesky fenceposts!
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219  Developments / XMPlay / Secret settings on: 20 Mar '12 - 03:04
List of manual entry "secret settings" for xmplay.ini
Unless a default is listed, available settings are either 0 (off) or 1 (on)
Use a setting by manually editing xmplay.ini with a text editor such as Notepad (do not use a wordprocessor)
Use by inserting a line under the [XMPlay] section such as: SingleClickTray=1
Updated on: 19 March 2012
Updated through stuff version:
Updates in Bold or Strikethrough

AutoMini - Switch from mini to normal layout on mouse hover
AutoMiniDelay - Adjust/disable the AutoMini delay in milliseconds (default: AutoMiniDelay=500)
Boost - Increase Windows priority
CueMark - Enable markers on the seekbar when using CUE file
NoBackup - Disable backing up xmplay.library to xmplay.library~
NoBeeps - Disable all beeping
NoCheckDead - Disable folder scanning for dead tracks
NoCheckScan - Disable display of "Title scanning in progress" warning when closing
NoConfirmDelete - Disable delete confirmations
NoFlashPause - Disable pause button flashing
NoFlashTotal - Disable flashing list time between total and selected tracks (NoFlashTotal=1 shows total time, NoFlashTotal=2 shows selected tracks time)
NoHistory - Disable URL/folder/search history
NoLameRG - Disable lame replay gain
NoNetErrors - Disable internet error messages
NoPageScroll - Disable default page scrolling behavior
NoPreload - Disable preloading of next track unless crossfading is enabled (will also prevent gapless playback)
NoReg - Disable Windows registry use
NoResumeNext - Disable the next/previous options from starting playback if currently paused/stopped
NoScanList - Disable pre-scanning of playlist entries
NoScanMP3 - Disable pre-scanning and read-ahead buffer for mp3 files
NoSpectrumFade - Disable blur of built-in spectrum vis
NoUserConfig - Ignore per-user config settings if found
NoWheelVol - Disable mouse wheel volume control
PlayDelay - Delay (in seconds) until start of play to enable sorting, set to 0 to disable  (default: PlayDelay=1)
ReadAhead - For non-mp3 files, maximum file size (in MB) of read-ahead buffer (default: ReadAhead=0)
SingleClickTray - Restoring to/from tray icon with single click
VolStep - Set the size of the mouse wheel volume adjustment (default: VolStep=3)

Additional information, such as more detailed descriptions and pertinent forum links, is available in the Illustrated Manual Section 6.2 - Secret INI settings.
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220  Developments / XMPlay / Re: Pan separation fails on: 12 Mar '12 - 16:42
Can't you just set the output to mono?

If the OP is looking at the skin only, there won't be a mono/stereo button.

Have to go into:  Options and stuff > Output > Channels > Mono

(I know you already know this... but the OP doesn't...)
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