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Another "fine" mp3
« on: 3 Jul '09 - 10:14 »
Hi Ian,

I uploaded Babyface Soon As I Get Home.mp3 - latest BASS cannot play it (error 41), winamp can. I don't know how it was created :(


Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Another "fine" mp3
« Reply #1 on: 3 Jul '09 - 16:17 »
There is 245KB of rubbish in the file before the MP3 data begins. By default, BASS will look 16KB into the file (after tags) for the MP3 data. That can be increased via the BASS_CONFIG_VERIFY option, but only upto 100KB, which unfortunately still isn't enough for this particular file.

If you really want to, what you could try is doing your own pre-scanning of the file to find the MP3 data, and then tell BASS_StreamCreateFile about that in the "offset" parameter :)