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KSP Sound Player
« on: 6 Sep '09 - 22:14 »
Greetings. Under you can find new media player for Windows and Linux (Linux version is still in alpha stage) written with Lazarus
Since project is growing yet it requires improvements (both usability and stability) I decided to ask others for help with it.
KSP requires QT version 4.5 and in order to compile it you need to install the latest (1.70) QT bindings for fpc.
Website contains more information about KSP itself (including project status or screenshots). You can also download source code of KSP.
What I am asking for that if you decide to download it and you want to help with this project (details on website) then do not hesitate and contact me. Also if you modified source code then send patch so it can be added to the main release

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Re: KSP Sound Player
« Reply #1 on: 6 Nov '09 - 20:07 »
New website address is:


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Re: KSP Sound Player
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I just looked on the website for your project there, and the KSP Player looks really good, the interface looks clean and professional. However, I couldn't help but be reminded of something that was bugging me a while back...

On the BASS showcase page, there are no less than 73 (SEVENTY THREE!!) projects that are described as "audio players". This doesn't even include internet-radio tuners. Sure, all of them are a little different but are also painfully similar.

Now, I do realise that some of these projects are quite old, so the newer ones are intended for use on the latest platforms, graphics libraries etc. But still, for the life of me I can't comprehend why people want to re-write the same application, over and over again. I just don't understand it.  ???

Please, don't take this as a personal attack on you or your work, it's just that your post reminded me of this again.
Similarly, I don't wish to offend the other BASS programmers, I have received much help from this forum so thanks to all.

I guess many people like to code audio players like this as a fun project, to learn and collaborate. It would just be nice to see some more "outside the box" applications (e.g. synthesizers, speech recognition, DSP etc). I'm working on something interesting at the moment that I hope to share with the community, so that will be my contribution, for now.
I look forward to hearing any views or thoughts on this.

Best regards,

darasan :)
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