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Re: BASS for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
« Reply #1250 on: 6 Mar '18 - 19:05 »
My iOS-App (with libbass.a from November 2017) works fine on all Apple devices (iOS 10, iOS 11) except iPhone X. I am using the folling code to record the audio data (16-bit, recording period = 93 ms):

BASS_RecordStart (44100,1,6094848,@RecordingCallback,nil);

A user of a iPhone X informed me that BASS_RecordStart fails. I do not have any further Informations because I do not have a iPhone X and I have not implemented the BASS_ErrorGetCode.
Please, can you help me.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
« Reply #1251 on: 7 Mar '18 - 17:31 »
I haven't tried an iPhoneX myself yet either, so I'm not sure what the problem could be. Would it be possible to send a debug version to the user, to get more info on what's happening?


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Re: BASS for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
« Reply #1252 on: 8 Mar '18 - 11:24 »

I'm working with BASS HLS and have the similar issue (cannot read the first metadata):

But I cannot get the first metadata even if I call
BASS_ChannelGetTags(channel, BASS_TAG_HLS_EXTINF);
right after the stream creation.

While the android version can read it with Ian's suggestion, so I suspect it may be the issue with iOS version (or iOS itself)

Thanks :)

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
« Reply #1253 on: 8 Mar '18 - 16:12 »
It could be that BASSHLS has already begun downloading the 2nd segment when the BASS_StreamCreateURL call returns. To reduce the chances of that, you can try enabling asynchronous pre-buffering via the BASS_CONFIG_NET_PREBUF_WAIT option:

Code: [Select]

Note you need to be using the latest BASS version (2.4.13) for that option.