Author Topic: What new ideas should the people at Un4Seen incorporate into XM-EXE?  (Read 3122 times)

XM-EXE Ideas

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I just wanted to suggest something to the people at un4seen for their xm-exe program, and to open it up for other people too. I was wondering if they could also have a program or addon that would let you take mp3's or other types of music and compile it into the exe.


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Out of curiosity, why would you need to encapsulate an MP3 into an executable for playback when you can pretty much throw a rock in any direction and hit five applications that can play the format?


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Zarggg, simple!
Ever wanted to send that cool MP3 to your villiage idiot of a friend? They don't have an MP3 player? They don't know how to get one? They wouldn't know what to do even if they did have one? ... STOP! ... Don't jump, help has arrived!
A totally authentic situation these days, innit?


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Well, it would help with music protection,1, so people couldn't copy it and get the mp3 (but this is not the one that i'm striving for) but 2. it would be easy for people to play lists of music without having to open them all up in a media player, and 3. I like xm-exe's GUI a lot. :)


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1) XM-EXE is no music protection. Apart from the fact that you were even able to extract the module files through the GUI iirc, it would not be that complicated to strip it directly from the EXE file either.
2) What's the matter with not having to open a media player? XM-EXE was useful when noone out there had a module player, but everyone has a MP3 player these days.
3) The GUI is definitely optimized for modules, most of the options would be useless for MP3s. :P